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Sanding belts/discs/sheet for sale

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by DTTech, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Have found a box full of sanding sheets/discs/belts now surplus as no longer have the equipment.
    Have sorted through and at Technology Supplies it would all cost over £110.
    If anyone wants the lot then I think £50 inc pp (uk only) is a fair price, else i'll cut them down to fit current kit.
    could swap for something interesting of <= value
    here a list with the Tech supplies cat number so you can confirm.
    please email me if interested james.withington@taw.org.uk
    115x230mm 60G velcro sanding sheets (pk 10) - 6 packs + 24 lose sheets (100-169 @ &pound;5.93/pk)

    115x230mm 80G velcro sanding sheets (pk 10) - 2 packs (100-168 @ &pound;5.41/pk)

    75 x 533mm 60G sanding belt - 2 only (In Bosch pk but 1 is Naylors) (D100-241 @ &pound;1.78e)

    100 x 620mm 60G Sanding belts (Naylors) - Box 10 (D100-303 &pound;2.36 each so &pound;23.60)

    305mm 60G Sanding discs (Naylors) (pk 10) - (D100-196 @ &pound;9.71)

    305mm 60G SELF ADHESIVE Sanding discs (12 lose) - (D100-253 @ &pound;14.60 for 10)
  2. Any offers?
    Any interest?

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