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Sandal time!!!??

Discussion in 'Personal' started by pandorabox, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. It's really quite warm here today, but not convinced it's time for sandals or flip flops yet! The number of cold looking white feet i saw in town today was astonishing!!

    Who's been brave enough to ditch the socks yet?
  2. I started wearing my sandals a few weeks ago. School is like a sauna at this time of year so I like my tootsies to be free!
  3. I had the first pedicure of the year in mid march and have been in flip flops or open toed shoes pretty much every day since!! The joys of living on the beach i guess!! TBH I dont take the flip flops off until at least mid October either!!!
  4. Oh I love that too - just not convinced it's warm enough to venture outside yet! Am barefoot indoors now though!
  5. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Last week we had a lovely few days (Scotland) where I was flip-flopping about quite the thing, but it's turned cold again and it's back to socks. With shoes, I hasten to add.
  6. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    I went into flip flops about 2 weeks ago, if not longer. Hate my feet cocooned in socks and boots, but must be careful to keep the hard skin in check now. As soon as I go into flip flops and bare feet, the skin on my feet thickens, hardens and splits (ouch!). Must use a foot file daily.
  7. I've been in flip flops and am now back in my little sandals, no socks but more cover than a flip flop!
  8. Oh they look nice - and practical!!

    Can't understand people who wear socks and shoes one the sun gets out -feet are meant to be bare!!!
  9. 576

    576 Established commenter

    I've been in flip flops for over a year!!

    but I live in the Carfibbean so I probably don't count.

  10. 576 that's so not fair. I have been in them a couple of times, including today, but nearly got the Emus out last week, it felt bitterly cold for a couple of days.
  11. Becki - glad you had a pedicure, hope you did your legs as well. THere is nothing like a hairy, slightly scaly leg with yellowing horny nails. Yuk, yuk, yuk. Tooties should always be painted. I have gems on mine as well.
  12. Belle, go and have a fishy pedicure - I had one on Groupon. Not perfect, but more effective than normal pedicure. I've been keeping on top of hardened skin with PedEgg when I can be *****. (Fish were not well trained enough to file and varnish nails, however = the cods!!
  13. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter


  14. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    [​IMG] Yak, yak, yak. Or a goat perhaps.
  15. Surprised this post has lasted this long!!

    Been barefoot round the house all weekend but think I will be putting socks on to go out today!
  16. It has to be really warm before I can go into sandals. But I do have Raynaud's disease, so have an excuse
  17. I have a deformed toe (which my partner keeps pointing out, when he's feeling witty) and it's sometimes difficult to find sandals that cover it. I often wear socks and sandals (knee socks)

    Looks quite nice, actually!
  18. I like to build up to sandals gradually! Last week was a skirt with no tights (this is daring for me) and knee length boots - I got my knees out ! Then I progressed to trousers with my Birkenstocks!!! It seems my workplace is like Birkenstock heaven - every colour and style you can imagine! Feeling influenced by my colleagues Birkenstock fashion show, I went home and ordered 2 more pairs as a treat for getting through another term in one piece!! Is it warm enough? We are in ENGLAND.....but does this ever stop us?!?
  19. I live in my white Birkenstock Madrid sandals in the summer, they are just sooo comfy and tend to go with most things [​IMG]
  20. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Sorry girls:
    1) Flipflops are NOT suitable footwear for everyday use. They provide no support for the feet, are invariably ugly, and make feet look ugly too.
    2) They are slightly better than those wooden things which seem to be worn by dragons with hairy legs and yellow toenails that dig into the wood like parrot beaks.
    3) Do us a favour girls wear something sexy
    4) What happened to the "gladiator sandals"?

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