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Sand/Water Play

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by asmedley, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Could anyone recommend an alternative resourse we could use at our pre-school playgroup instead of sand. We have a separate water tough and pouring equipment watering cans, buckets, jugs etc. We have tried using corn and lentils/split peas which has had safety issues of slipping and being difficult to sweep away. Being a food item we do not want it to be used in the outside area as it may encourage vermin. The disposal of it is taking valuable time away from the children. Is there anything safe and bio-degradeable which we could try? Your help is greatly appreciated.
    a first time poster!
  2. i used paper shredding last week, kids loved it, i hid jungle animals in there, children had to try find them all,count them, linked to their interests, they love animals!
  3. sawdust, gravel (good with digger toys) leaves, sticks, shaving foam, confetti or compost . Add some cress seeds to compost on a Friday and you should have a mini forest by monday.eve

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