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Sand and water provision

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by chocolatesprinkles, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I'm new to EY and have a question about sand and water provision. Do I have to have sand and water both indoors and outdoors?
    The current indoor 'water' area is basically a low level sink, which really can only fit one child comfortably to play. Indoors I also have a large pit (which is currently used for sand) which I would like to use for water instead (this would enable me to put all the water toys next to it for easy access). Outside I have a low sandpit, which is large enough for 2/3 children to play in.
    Would it be ok to have sand outside and water inside?
    Thanks in advance for any advice!
    PS - It's a small group of 8 R/Y1 who have SEN
  2. Can't you 'acquire' a new water area, one child playing is not the ideal..you are wanting children to learn to work together/copy/explore and to have for an adult to join in modelling language and moving their play forward- particularly with children who will need help to learn to play/talk. Think laterally, it may be that you wont be able to have water or sand out at all times ( going on my special school class!).
  3. Mi midgey, thanks for the quick reply!
    This is exactly why I'm not keen on the current water area, it's rubbish!!
    So do you think it's ok to have sand outside and water inside? Or do you have to have them both indoors and outdoors?
    The classroom is not incredibly large...and I also have equipment (chairs/standing frames etc) to make room for!
    Thanks again!
    PS - I also want to use the low sink for the children to wash their paint brushes in etc, I'm really keen on them being a lot more independent on keeping the environment / equipment tidy and clean.

  4. I have a small room and seven in the class. Water comes out as a whole class activity, they don't have to join in but there is room for every one. Sand comes out a bit more often but again there is plenty of room around it. Personally I would say you need sand and/or water inside. Sand outside is a very different activity somehow particularly if you have to accomodate frames etc. If you are a special school may be your physio would prefer your group were either sitting or standing rather than squatting which may be very bad for hips.
  5. Thanks midgey, for your advice. [​IMG]
    Unfortunately the outdoor sandpit is new [​IMG] Bought by the previous occupant....
    The children are mainly ASD or MLD, and don't have mobility problems, but I will definitely speak to the physio about our wheelchair/frame users.
    Thanks again.

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