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Sanctions in the class room- extra homework.

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by einhard1982, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hey all, was just wondering how the rest of you deal with giving extra homework for minor misbehaviour. I'm not talking about banging the teacher's head of the desk or anything (that's obviously a note home!), but chatting, whispering, passing notes etc after they've been warned. I don't like giving notes because they get an automatic detention after three and that's a tad disproportionate for what I'm talking about. I think extra written work is appropriate, but I'm not sure what kind is best. I don't want them writing the poem/story etc that we're covering because that might lead to negative feelings towards them. I definitely don't want to give homework style punishments because that puts the good kids at a disadvantage. And writing lines of "I must not talk in English class..." seems a tad anachronistic. So I'm at something of a loss. It'd be great to hear how others deal with the same situation. PS: decapitiaion, disembowelling, racking etc are not exactly what I'm looking for. Apparently, my school has quite a strong policy against such sanctions. Damn liberals! : )
  2. How about a 'local' detention in your classroom at lunch / break to 'make up for the time' they lost in class while they were chatting / passing notes etc. This works best at the end of a lesson if it makes them late for lunch or going home. They sit silently & spread apart & have to do stuff that you covered in the lesson (re-read some text, answer extra questions to prove that they now understand the topic or whatever).
    The number of minutes they stay depends on how many times they were reprimanded or you spotted them messing & there is a tally that grows visibly on the board during the lesson. You may have to get SMT on your side before implementing it so the pupils can't get your decisions reversed by complaining about missing the bus home or missing lunch. In fact, they can arrange never to miss lunch or the bus simply by not chatting in class - everyone else manages to catch the bus or get to lunch on time.
    I have done this & It works. I try to arrange that the pupils don't have the same number of extra minutes. They don't like to be asked to leave the room one at a time AND the wickedest one is the last to leave. Even one minute by himself, with me by myself is not comfortable for him.
  3. Where is the issue with a detention after being warned twice? Seems reasonable enough to me.
    I've worked in a school with a very weak behaviour policy and everyone issuing different sanctions for different things and it was hellish. "Mr X doesn't give us warning for XYZ!" "But Miss Y doesn't do that, we just have to ABC!" Nightmare!
    As an aside from that, I went to a school where, before a detention was issued, you had to copy out the school rules (usually ran to two sides of A4, according to handwriting) and give it to the teacher the next day. It was the same task as done in detention. Detentions were held centrally by the school at lunchtime and required signatures from form tutors and parents.
  4. A little bit of naughtiness- homework diary on my desk
    any more naughtiness- note in homework diary
    Seems to work for minor things
  5. We have a points system so they get deducted.
    Anything that has been pushing it but not so bad to refer them on I get them to write me a side of A4 on the excitemetn of felt tips - say if they have decided to build a tower of felt tips connected together when they have been told twice not.
    I do it with a smile, then get them to sign it and on the way out casually drop itno conversation that if it happens again I'll photocopy their essay and post it home.
    If it's done in the right way they realise they are in bother but in a non confrontational way and they are being wound up (but not in a nasty sarcastic way) - 99% of the time we both leave the room smiling but they know it has been a fair cop.

  6. monicabilongame

    monicabilongame Star commenter

    Good one - I'm nicking it. But what about the kids who never have their homework diaries? (Usually the ones who would need notes written in them)

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