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Samuel L. Jackson reads a bed-time story...

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by anon4046, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. This made me laugh out loud, at a VERY dark point last week (child won't sleep and wakes every morning at about 3.15, then that's me awake for the rest of the day)

    Anyway - have a listen. Warning: there are swear-words in this. Please don't read if you don't like the f-word.
  2. So funny hearing Samuel L reading it! I bought it for my brother when he went through a difficult patch and it definitely rang true!!
  3. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

    Lol...my friend bought me this last year when I had a whole 10 MONTHS of my then 2 year old waking every hour, on the hour...thankfully she grew out of it, eventually.
  4. My OH and I had a good chuckle to this last night. [​IMG] Thanks, CK!

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