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Sample Perfomance Management Targets

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by spannarich, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    I am about to start my first round of staff PM as a new head. Targets need to be around raising attainment in maths, ensuring sufficient challenge for more able pupils and developing roles as subject leaders.
    Does anyone know of any exemplar targets that I can use as a starting point? Most of my staff are job sharing and so I'm not sure how fair setting numerical targets will be perceived to be.....

  2. bnm


    You really need to devise them yourself, but I would advise you attend an NAHT course on performance managment as I found it really helpful in using performance managment effectively.
    If you pm me I will share the format I use for targets (from memory cos my stuff is at work).
  3. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    What exactly DO they teach aspiring heads on the NPQH? I ask because of the increasing number of new heads asking questions you'd think the course ought to cover.
  4. whiskyforme

    whiskyforme New commenter

    Middlemarch - Are you a head?





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    If you are then you seem to have forgotten the sheer number of things that
    need to be thought about/worked on/developed while maintaining staff
    moral/performance and enhancing the learning opportunities for the children.

    If you are not a head then I understand your naivety.

    As a new head you may not have been involved
    in setting objectives for others yet will have been on the receiving end of
    setting yours – and this is very much dependant on the quality if that person (role

    The NQPH is a good course (with many faults) but it does go someway to preparing
    for headship – but no course will ever prepare you for the full demands of the
    job. Eg.
    I did not receive training on how to use a buffer but today I learnt! (no

  5. whiskyforme

    whiskyforme New commenter

    Setting performance management targets
    I avoid numeriucal targets - far too narrow - focus the pupil orogress target on learning strategies, formative not summative.
    for job shares I would strongly encourage them to talk before hand about having agree targets - two teahcer same class workjing towards a shared success!
    I would also encourage whole school targets - for example a leadership target stemming from the school improvment plan that is differentiated for each level of class teacher.
    that is what I have got away with for years! [​IMG]

  6. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    There are some exemplar PM statements, policies & lots of other useful info on here.
    The guy who runs this - Ian Draper - is very good if you can get on any of his courses.
    His way of approaching it is that you set your numerical objective, but then write the performance criteria either from their job description or from the professional standards for teachers, focusing on what the individual should focus on (either a whole school focus e.g. AfL or an individual one for the teacher e.g. behaviour management). You then review against whether the person has met the criteria, not the objective, so the numerical target becomes an aspiration but what is binding and reviewed are the steps they have agreed to put in place which will help them aim for the numerical target. Seems to make sense.
  7. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Whiskeyforme, middlemarch is a very experienced head. you haven't always had to do the qualification to get the job you know! And as for npqh preparing you for headship and being a good course? Don't make me laugh. My tutor actually told me not to open the files as it couldn't teach me anything that I wasn't already doing in a daily basis in my job as a deputy. If you do the DH job properly, you shouldn't need npqh.
  8. Ouch! Wash your mouth out with soap and spend some time reading past threads where Middlemarch has given some excellent advice. I should keep your head down for a while if I were you!
  9. I would have though even new heads would have had some experience of this as a middle/senior leader and PM reviewer. Being on the receiving end is a good model if all else fails.
  10. I wish the NPQH had taught me how to reset the boiler...
  11. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Unblock drains, counsel depressed parents, move on vagrants and drunks, split up fights between parents, mend the fuses, fix the server.... There's a whole heap of things it should cover but doesn't. Still, at least we know about "futures thinking" eh?
  12. Reattach a urinal, fit a new toilet seat, remove a herd of cows from the school field...

    It was an interesting first week of headship.
  13. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    Don't recall any of those scenarios from final skills assessment. I've never had a herd of cows, I have had a stray hot air balloon with a basketful of tourists. Boy they must have drifted a long way off course to land on our field!
  14. Ref: Perf Man stuff, try the TDA site. The Embedding the Links Using Performance Management to support staff development and school improvement training powwerpoint and pack has a few examples and gives quite a good run through on measurable outcomes, matching standards etc......

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