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Sample Letter?

Discussion in 'School trips' started by Darthteacher, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Darthteacher

    Darthteacher New commenter

    Can anyone supply me with a good letter that I can use as a model when writing home to parents explaining a field trip.

    It is the start of the year and I want to send home a general letter telling them that as a science teacher I wish to have their permission to take their child on a school trip. I also want to explain any health and safety/behaviour issues. I also wish to invite the parents to attend and work as an aid on school trips.
    Does anyone know what health and safety standards I need to adhere to if I am taking my children on a pond study unit.
    Thank you so much for any help received. My email is teacherofnature@yahoo.com
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    You school should have some templates for letters home.

    I can't send you a copy of ours but basically the letter home should contain the following information.

    The date (s) of the trip
    The place (s) to be visited
    The cost
    The Mode of transportation
    The time and place to meet
    The leaving time
    The arrival back at school time
    Any dress requirements or kit list
    Anything else such as which meals are provided, what equipment is being supplied, what activities will be taking place.

    Then you will need a consent form

    The consent form should state the dates and location of the visit.
    Then is should have space for the parent to:

    Put the name of the child
    Home Tel No
    Mobile Tel No
    Parent name
    Work tel no
    Other emergency Nos (other relatives etc)
    A space for medical conditions to be noted
    A space for any medications required
    A space for any other special needs such as sleepwalker, travel sickness etc
    A space for doctors name and tel No.
    Ours then has a disclaimer that says ' In the event of a medical emergency every possible effort will be made to contact you. We request that you agree to your child receiveing medical treatment if the situation arises. It is mportant for you to understand that such a decision will be decided upo by a doctor. If you do not agree to this then this will niot prevent your child from attending the trip but we would be grateful if you would contact the school to discuss the matter with (named teacher).

    In the rare event that we have a parent who does not want this (JWs usually) then we have a second form that states that in the event of a medical emergency the staff will inform the medical staff of your wishes but that the final decision will be in the hands of the doctors treating your child. If they won't sign that then the child can't go.

    Then we have 4 tick boxes

    I consent to my child receiving medical treatment in the event of an emergency
    I am aware of the nature of the programme my child is about to take part in and I understand i can obtain more detailed information b telephone/in writing from (named member of staff)
    I have told my child to pay particular attention to staff giving advice on matters of safety, behaviour and general procedures.
    I consent to my child taking part in all activities organised by the staff in connection with the programme,

    Then finally a space for them to sign and date it.

  3. yeah but you should also include if you nedd any parents to help out on the trip! [​IMG]

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