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Salford Reading Test

Discussion in 'English' started by romo59, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. I work in a privately run special school and used the Salford test a few years ago. Our Educational Psychologist has since reccommended the " Neale Analysis of Reading Ability" (NARA 2) published by GL Assessment. This test can be used from age 6-12 years and also tests comprehension at the same time. Think all tests are designed for mainstream students but with NARA and the spelling tests I use, they take into account special needs and excellence by providing supplementary assessments and extension diagnostic testing. We use the Single Word Spelling Test (SWST) also published by GL Assessments. Hope this is of help x
  2. I had this same problem so along with the Salford reading test I also use the Holbourn reading test which is more synthetic and surprisingly the ages do rougly come out the same except it shows your LA and SEN child have progress rather than being stuck at 4.3 years for the year!

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