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Discussion in 'Personal' started by pinkflipflop, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. OH works in bluewater and walks there until at least the second week of January! Any time before that and you can take up to an hour to find a parking space.
  2. I'd just wait. Too much Christmas themed stuff still clogging up shelves and fighting with idiots who can't be bothered to retain basic good manners really, really irritates me.
  3. If somebody had treated me to vouchers I would wait for the new season stuff and get something really nice. A lot of sale stuff is mass produced in preparation for the sales, and the stuff that genuinely was in store leading up to Christmas is reduced by minimal amounts (all the stuff I wanted in DP had £3 off....I don't think I'll bother!)
  4. I usually wait for the rush to disappear too. I just don't have the patience, or the scavenging gene!
  5. Thanks, I will wait till later in January before trying again then! I am not the best at clothes shopping and find it very stressful (I like very little) without it being bedlam :)
  6. I managed to return some things in Next today

    I would happily of taken replacements but women's wear seemed to be limited to small so my daughter remains sans pyjamas

    And the nice dressing gown I bought the better half is not in the sales so was not available until after the sale has finished
  7. Been to Nam this morning and got back before the hordes landed (great traffic jam growing in the other direction as I was leaving).
    I walked into Mistral and back out in less than 5 mins with 2 skirts @30% off. Toddled round a bit more and came home via Sainblurbs, even got the wine I like at a discount!
    That's it, I have sale shopped, I need do no more!
  8. Viet?
  9. Im back, and im alive!
    Monsoon's sale was lovely - all their original stuff at around half price.
    I bought this for my cousins wedding:
    Id tried it on a few months ago for no particular reason but at £130 it was pricey - found it reduced to £65! There was a similar one in navy with short sleeves but they were a bit loose.
    I then proceeded to get a pair of purple heels from new look reduced to £15 and a pair of purple pumps for £5 when the heels come off (probably within about 5 minutes of them being on).
    I do feel a bit over-dressed but im used to wearing jeans. OH says I look nice and he's usually very honest!
  10. That dress is absolutely gorgeous impulce....am very envious!
  11. Im glad you like it - im not very good at buying on my own without a second opinion!
  12. Looks very classic and elegant. Will show off the boobs very nicely....wish I had that dress! Colour is lovely too.
    I've just had a huuuuuuuge stress out over the sheer volume of clothes I have and never wear so am trying to avoid shopping for a looooooooooong time and perhaps actually start wearing all the stuff I have [​IMG]
  13. I have very little..and what I do have is jeans and vest tops!
    The only 'evening' stuff I have is black and not suitable for the wedding of my very bubbly and vivacious cousin!
    A few other bits I own dont fit comfortably as ive put on a few pounds the last couple of years.
    I seem to have the exact opposite problem to you PFF - I go shopping and find nothing! Sounds like you are doing very well though PFF - keep it up!
  14. charlotte.johnson06

    charlotte.johnson06 New commenter

    I am feeling exactly the same PFF [​IMG]. For some reason, I always have to go out and buy something new for a night out rather than look at my wardrobe/floordrobe.
  15. I don't necessarily go out and buy new stuff for a night out....I just always bought new stuff!
    I'm convinced my clothes breed when I'm not looking.

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