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Salary in Qatar School

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by dear, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Is the salary 14000qr good for a teacher with 10+ years experience in primary school. i have a job offer in doha to teach yr.6....they are also offering me accomadation + air tickets (utility is not inc.) Is it worth taking the offer or shall i negotiate? what do u think???
  2. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    It's good. You might find better, though I don't know where, just rumors. There are many many teachers on less, as little as 7,000, though that's so low as to be pathetic.
  3. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    With a decent pay packet, the question you need to ask is whether the school appeals to you. No money in the world can make you happy.
    There are many different schools and styles of school in Qatar. Investigate which ones match your expectations.
    Old quote, possibly Mark Twain: Before marriage, keep your eyes wide open. After marriage, keep them half shut. Perhaps it applies a little to international job searches.
  4. It sounds ok, but it all depends what your reasons are for taking the job.

    Is it to save money?

    If it is then with the rising cost of living in Qatar and the expense to go out and about doing things then I think you should try and see if they would offer you a little more, due to experience. There are some schools is Qatar where the starting salary is around 17,000 Qr - 21,000 Qr.

    Qatar really is not as cheap as it used to be and has for the past 4 years or so had a very high inflation rate, to the point that expats are leaving because they cannot afford to live there.

    Really depends on what you wish from your experience in Qatar.
  5. Sunnygirl - which schools in Qatar have a starting salary of 17 - 21k Riyals???? So much false info. on this site!
  6. Judycheeks - you tell me, is it worth leaving all that i have (eg; job, house, parents)behind for the sake of experience in qatar, will it be worth it or am i just being crazy? is doha worth going to? Thanks
  7. I enjoyed my time in Doha. 14k Riyals is a good wage, you may get one or two thousand more somewhere else but not more (in Qatar). The overriding factor for me is the school. If you are confident in the school, that it is the kind of place that you'll enjoy your working day in,then I would definitely go. Rent the house out and book tickets for the Christmas vacation for your parents to come out and visit.
  8. Judycheeks - living and teaching in Doha for over 10 years - and I did not give false information on teaching salaries.

    As you know to name the schools will get this thread deleted all I can say is that I know many people negotiate! Thats the way you can get a higher salary.
  9. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    17-21K is beyond the starting range for most SMT in Qatar, and I don't know of any teacher who was put on that from the start, and very few who are there even after years of dedication to a school. (I'll be clear, SMT may get significantly more than that depending on school and position, but not as a starting wage. And if SMT can't expect it, teachers certainly can't.)
  10. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Unless you're adding the housing allowance on top of the salary, which I'm not. Salary plus housing could get you to 17-21 starting in the better schools.
  11. Sunnygirl - When you said there are 'some schools is Qatar where the starting salary is around 17,000 Qr - 21,000 Qr' you actually meant that there are some individuals who have negotiated their pay - lets be clear - there are NO schools in Qatar which have a pay structure that offer 21k Qr as a starting salary. If you think otherwise, give us their name in Cryptic form - I am sure that anyone working there will issue a swift denial.
    As for negotiating 21k as a classroom teacher's wage - again this is pie in the sky. Schools who have trouble recruiting in Doha are usually the ones who don't pay large amounts. The better schools on the whole pay better, have more applicants and wouldn't be open to such negotiations.
  12. dear,

    The school I work at offer top salary scale payment (or so we have work out because it is not an open payscale this year for some reason) at aroun 13000 so 14000 is good. I'm a bit concerned they are making you pay for utilities though.
    As many people have said, make sure you do your research about the school. Doha is a good place to live if you are the sort of person to take advantage of all the opportunities out there. If you are a home body who needs to be invited to things and doesn't do the searching or likes to try new things then Doha probably isn't the place for you.
    I've had a great time here and made some fanstastic friends, lots that I don't work with, because I've got involved with things outside my work.
    Research, research, research and trust your gut instinct!

    Good luck!
  13. Does that mean 9000 QR is not a good salary? All utilities and housing is included in the package?

    Please help.

    Thank you
  14. Hi,
    Do you know anything about the Newton D ring school in Qatar, or someone who does?
    Please help, I have been offered a job and I am married. From looking at the contract
    it says that the accomodation will be shared, can I trust them?
    Do you know anyone who can help, or someone who has been to Newton D ring or another of their schools.
    Please help
  15. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    I have sent a PM to your Inbox. E-mail me if you have any further questions.
  16. Dear
    From my experience of a few years ago now 14000QR is certainly a good amount. What do you mean by utilities? We paid phone but not electricity.
    Sunnygirl your figures are ridiculous. Not helpful to the discussion at all. Tell us what are you earning, not what you've 'heard' some people are getting.
    The school I was at certainly had different salary scales for Western and Arab teachers. The Arab teachers got less than five figures ie <10000QR and were quite exploited because generally they didn't have a teaching qualification.Are you going to an all girls' school or a mixed gender international with expats?
  17. jolet

    jolet New commenter

    In 2006 I started with a salary of QR14.500. How can you manage in 2009 with a salary of QR9000 when prices have almost trebled since and eating out has become a bit of a luxury for most people. Fortunately, we still have the beach.
  18. Yes we noticed the increasing cost of eating out before we left and the usual takeaways can be had anywhere in the world.
    Beach?????????????????? Are you crazy? A goat skull was one of the more acceptable items we found in the water around Dukhan and the sand at the Dip Club seared the skin off your feet for most of the year. The trip out to Sealine resort is to risk death on any Friday and you risk being trampled by the tourist pleasing camel. There always seemed to be a rather unpleasant breeze whenever we risked the trip. The smell of oil is definitely there in the water so I wouldn't call the beach in Qatar a redeeming quality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    I would agree 100% with what sonofateacherman has written. The beaches in Doha are rubbish, quite literally (no pun intended!) There is trash in the water and more of the same on the actual beaches. Usually there are the guys in the long white things, driving LandCruisers, who will stop their cars and stare if your wife or girlfriend decides to go swimming. Of course you can always go swimming at a hotel's private beach, provided that you have recently robbed a bank or won the Lottery.
    How is it possible for a country surrounded by water to have such poor beaches? You just have to remember that this is Qatar and silly things like logic and common sense do not always apply. (Next you will probably be asking, "Why isn't it possible for one of the richest countries in the world to make sure that construction workers from Nepal and other poor countries are paid their salaries promptly and in full?")
    21,000QR a month for a "normal" teacher's salary in Doha? Whoever heard of such nonsense? A friend of mine teaches at M.I.S. and the starting salary there is 14,000QR. That is very good. Most teachers are paid a lot less than that. I have spoken to colleagues at DESS, Doha Brit & Montessori, QIS and a few other places. I get paid 12,500 as a KS2 co-ordinator, plus a flat with electricity and water paid by the school. My wife and I have to pay for the telephone line and it's 250QR a month.
    Doha is great if you like shopping malls. There is also a good hospital, the Hamad, but my favourite place in the whole city has to be the airport.
  20. moscowbore

    moscowbore Lead commenter

    Oh come on guys!!! sunnygirl is just being a little windy up trolly thing and you are all taking the bait.

    Obviously, my new employment pays a minimum of 20K per month and includes free beer and dancing girls every lunchtime, flight home every month and everybody has their own personal private pool and toyota landcruiser.

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