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Salary in Madrid

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by missmunday, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. missmunday

    missmunday New commenter

    Hi All,

    I'm currently teaching in Brazil in an international school, where I earn a comfortable salary (more than I did in London) and have my accommodation provided. However, I'm leaving the school this year and considering returning to Europe. I have been offered a position in Madrid but the salary seems incredibly low - no housing of course (normal in Europe), but also no relocation allowance. There is health cover and free school lunch but that seems to be about it.

    The amount I have been offered it 27,929 euros gross. I've asked the school if there is any pay scale and apparently there isn't; teachers are all on this flat salary and it does not change. It seems the head teacher has been negotiating on this matter since he began at the school but the owners aren't budging currently, and there is no guarantee of any changes.

    I have asked if there is any room for manoeuvre on this salary, as I believe I would really like to live in Madrid, and the department seems very nice, as does the school generally - except for the pay! The head has said he will speak to the board, but I'm not expecting much.

    Can anyone give me any information about their own experience of teaching and living in Madrid, with salary. I'm open to sharing accommodation, but this is a huge cut in my pay and I just don't know if it'll work for me. It's not even that I'm planning on saving particularly, but I like to travel in the holidays, and go out and socialise without worrying about finances!

    Thanks in advance - any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. gulfgolf

    gulfgolf Established commenter

    Try looking elsewhere. Schools in Spain are famous being cheap with their teachers. Speaking to the board is meaningless- they haven’t cared before for existing teachers, why would they care now for someone they have never met? Assuming he even asks them, which I doubt.
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  3. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    using a basic online tax calculator, that gross salary turns into €21,198 nett.... Jesus, that is terrible.
  4. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    If the owners of the school don't want to pay any more then let them find the sort of staff who would work for that and move on
    dumbbells66 likes this.
  5. blue451

    blue451 Lead commenter

    There are a couple of schools in Madrid which pay a more liveable wage but it might depend on the market in your subject. One the school where the beckham sprogs went out in la moraleja (there are a few schools here) and one which sounds religious and is near the Bernabeu. Based on my limited knowledge and contacts, the first I wouldn't recommend, the second I would.
  6. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Have you considered places in Europe, but outside of the Euro. They will generally provide a professional package, and not screw you over like places in Spain.
  7. SineField

    SineField Occasional commenter

    Call me crazy but I'm getting the faintest whiff of 'anti teaching in Spain' from you. Am I correct or is it the wine talking? ;)
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  8. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Its horrendous....i have never personnal met anyone that has had a positive experience. There are some posters on here that will jump all over that statement. Everyone i have ever met that has escaped Spain always say, "its a lovely place to live, but i would never work there again. Especially since i've seen how im treated in other countries". I could go on....and on...and on...and on. Not only does it have a huge amount of extremely low level schools, but then its also the lowest paying country in the world.

    I work in what some would call a "slum city", but the ONLY things i cant get here in comparison to Spain is Bullfighting and MacDonalds, two things that arent hard to live without, but i earn the OP's gross salary, nett in 3 months.....trust me know where i prefer to live
  9. 24hours

    24hours New commenter

    If I had a £1 for every time you mentioned your salary I'd nearly be as rich as you
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  10. Teachallover

    Teachallover Occasional commenter

    Madrid and other Spanish touristy cities probably have one of the worst costs of living in the world. And no, you never get accommodation allowance. As I have said before, to live comfortably in Spain you need to already have financial means (rent out property, significant savings, almost reaching retirement). Otherwise you will not save any money. However, perhaps for some people they choose the lifestyle over the cash. I think it is more to do with personal choice.
  11. miketribe

    miketribe Established commenter

    Whilst I think dumbbells is prone to exaggerate the experience of teaching in Spain, I do agree that the salary you mention appears to be rather low. Assuming the usual 14 payments per year, it comes out at around 1,500 a month, which is low for Madrid where rents have increased quite a bit in recent years. Blue is also correct to observe that there are some quite good schools here which pay better. If you message me, I could give you more details. I'm not keen on announcing my salary over the internet, but I certainly earn much, much more than the figure you quoted! I'm also no completely in agreement with teachallover about prices here... I go back to England fairly often and the prices in our small town in Lancashire are significantly higher than they are here, and relatives and friends in London tell me they're even higher there...
  12. Teachallover

    Teachallover Occasional commenter

    Obviously, I speak from an international teacher’s perspective; we all know the prices in UK are astronomical, that’s why we move abroad! But specifically overseas, having lived in 3 areas across Spain, there are few other countries away from UK that I know of that pay so poorly in relation to monthly salary, the raising cost of Metro Madrid, food and goods shopping etc. and above all any money to SAVE. I love Spain; it’s language, culture, geography, laid back lifestyle, however, unless you fancy a party gap year, I cannot recommend Spain to the OP unless you are in the situation I mentioned above...
  13. miketribe

    miketribe Established commenter

    THAT, I would agree with! The relation between pay and the cost of living is poor and, in the short term, you won't save much. My wife and I did manage to save enough that we could buy three houses -- two in Spain and another in England -- and are mortgage free, but that's because we've been here a very long time!
  14. Treesa

    Treesa New commenter

    Miketribe - sent you a conversation.
  15. miketribe

    miketribe Established commenter

    I replied...
  16. blue451

    blue451 Lead commenter

    Hi @missmunday
    I just saw your PM and have replied. Sorry for delay.
  17. safeasmilkkk

    safeasmilkkk New commenter

    I have a job offer for 26,000 at a la moraleja school in Madrid. They have also said there will be an 11month probation period (can someone shed light on whether this is common practice?) They have said that my pay will increase to 28000 after I have been there a year as I will then have 3 years secondary experience- I am just about to finish my nqt year in the UK
  18. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    this is what that breaks down to:

    Gross Income: 26,000
    Tax Due: 6,067
    Social Security Contribution: 1,651
    Income Tax: 4,416
    Net Income: 19,933 (17,264 gbp)

    and on top of that you will have to pay for your accommodation, bills etc. you really wont be left with much
  19. mflteacher661

    mflteacher661 New commenter

    I've sent you a conversation! @dumbbells66
  20. miketribe

    miketribe Established commenter

    I sent you a message as well.

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