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salary assessment after QTS for an overseas trained teacher???

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by wiki, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. wiki

    wiki New commenter


    I was
    wondering if anyone can help or share their experience:

    I am an
    overseas trained teacher, and completed training in 2004 in South Africa, fully
    registered as a teacher then. First I did full time teaching in South
    Africa, and then moved to the UK and started doing supply teaching. Initially
    short term supply, but then mostly long term contracts via agencies.

    December 2009 I completed QTS while doing the OTT programme, but did both the
    Core and the Q standards, and therefore got QTS with exemption from an
    induction (nqt) year. **In order to get this exemption, you have to show and
    convince the final assessor that you have more than two years’ experience and
    functioning above a nqt level.

    guidance for OTTs, which states:

    "If the OTT has at least two years’ full-time teaching experience (or the
    part-time equivalent), subject to the agreement of the school and EBRITTP or
    DRB, they can apply for assessment against the induction standards at the same

    since Dec 09 I completed the long term contract and then had a baby and took 12
    months off. I am now returning after the Easter Holidays to the same
    school, but for the first time employed directly through the school and LEA.

    found out today that I will be paid on M1. I phoned and asked about this,
    if they couldn't acknowledge at least some of my experience or at least the
    fact that I got exemption from in induction (and to get that I had to show at
    least 2 year exp)... But the woman could not think any further, than "when
    did you qualify in the UK".

    Does this
    sound right?? Should I be only on M1???


    question: I am right that I will not have to do an nqt year? (because of the

    And if a
    british nqt starts teaching, do they get paid on M1 at the BEGINNING of their
    NQT year, or at the BEGINNING of their second year, after completing nqt year?

  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    All teachers in their first year holding QTS start on M1 as a general rule. Exceptions may be made if someone has experience in another profession relevant to teaching that may grant them M2 - but in the current climate this is rare now. You should however be exempt from an NQT year - this may/may not be a positive thing depending on your perspective as obviously NQTs have an entitlement to a reduced timetable and internal support to get them set up and running effectively in the teaching profession. When a British NQT starts teaching they typically start on M1 at the beginning of their NQT - first appointment in teaching - year. Progression to M2 taking place the following September after their successful NQT year.
  3. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    It's not being an NQT that puts you on M1 - it's a range of issues to do with your qualifying experience. Some NQTs start on higher scale points. That you are exempt from the NQT year simply means you do not have to go through induction - it doesn't affect what you're paid.

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