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Salary again

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by casperyc, May 25, 2016.

  1. casperyc

    casperyc New commenter

    Looking at the salary for trainee teachers here

    How does that make you feel?
  2. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    Think most people's main issue in teaching isn't the salary. But would it attract better people/the wrong kind? Does teaching already do this?
  3. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    Wow. It won't solve the problem but hope it gets some people into Maths!
    TL;DR Get £40k for training to be a Maths teacher if you have a PhD.
  4. mathsmutt

    mathsmutt Star commenter

  5. becca3471

    becca3471 New commenter

    The current bursary for the maths PGCE/SCITT isn't dissimilar to this once you take into account the fact it's tax free (£25k, which would be £33k after tax). It will be something of a shock to take effectively a £10k paycut for the NQT year....
  6. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    and no pay rise til Christmas.
    Taking into account the increase in pension payments (more accurately labelled deferred pay), they unions calculated we had taken a pay cut of about £8K I believe.
    for me that is a paycut of about £120K by the time I retire. Or about six months pay for an Ofsted chief!

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