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Salaries in Spain

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by viccazwilk, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. justengaged1

    justengaged1 New commenter

    There you go again Dumbells suggesting that 35 000 EUros isn't quite a lot of money or at least enough to pay one's way in Spain and pay your mortgage back home (why doesn't he rent his house in the UK out like most teachers with properties in the UK brag that they do too?)

    now let's get this straight once and for all. You are in Angola which is a risky country to work in. See here what the FCO say about Angola:
    Safety and security
    Most international companies and organisations operating in Angola have strict security rules and regulations for their staff. If your company has such instructions you should read them in conjunction with the FCO Travel Advice. You should avoid political gatherings and demonstrations, and respect any advice or instruction from local security authorities.

    There is a high level of crime in Luanda. Muggings, particularly to steal mobile phones and other valuables, and armed robberies can occur in any area at any time of the day or night. Areas popular with foreigners are particular targets.

    Incidents of rape have been reported in popular nightlife areas, as well as in private homes. Don’t travel alone at night.

    Avoid walking around Luanda, especially after dark. Avoid wearing jewellery or watches in public places. Don’t change or withdraw large sums of money in busy public areas. Avoid walking between bars and restaurants on the Ilha do Cabo, and avoid crowded places like markets. Take extra care on the Serpentine road (Nehru) between the Marginal and Miramar, and the adjacent wooded area, due to the recent increase in crimes occurring there.

    Theft from stationary or slow-moving cars is common in downtown Luanda. Keep valuables out of sight and don’t use mobiles or laptops while in traffic. A high proportion of the civilian population is armed.

    When driving, be very wary if another car signals you to pull over. Thieves use the pretext of a minor traffic incident to get you out of your car either to steal it or to rob you. There have been a number of recent kidnapping incidents involving foreign nationals (including western nationals) taken from their vehicles in Luanda by armed gangs.

    The long-standing policy of the British government is not to make substantive concessions to hostage takers. The British government considers that paying ransoms and releasing prisoners increases the risk of further hostage taking.

    Deposit valuables and cash in a hotel safe where practical. Keep copies of important documents, including your passport, in a separate place from the documents themselves.

    Local travel
    The FCO advise against all but essential travel to Cabinda province (but not including Cabinda city). There are regular violent incidents including rape, murder and kidnappings involving foreigners and Angolans in the province of Cabinda. Groups claiming responsibility for these attacks have declared their intention to continue attacks against foreigners.

    The FCO advise against all but essential travel to the province of Lunda Norte. The Angolan authorities are sensitive to the presence of foreigners in diamond producing areas and you may be subject to movement restrictions or detention by the security forces. The presence of diamonds also increases the threat of crime and banditry, particularly on roads leading to and from these areas. Armed hold-ups occur from time to time.

    If you travel outside Luanda and the provincial capitals, do so in the company of persons or organisations experienced in local conditions, as conditions can be difficult. There is widespread poverty, social exclusion and disease, a shattered infrastructure and mines and items of unexploded ordnance throughout many parts of the country. Transport and accommodation are extremely limited outside Luanda, so make arrangements in advance.

    So IMO, although I may be wrong, your school HAS to pay you $97000 a year for standard classroom teaching otherwise if they only paid $50k they would find it a lot more difficult to recruit and retain teachers. This is just my idea of why your salary is so high. Now why is 35 000 such a terrible salary? He can work another job in Spain or teach online and make up what he pays in tax every month thereby making his 35k NET rather than gross. This is what I do presently anyway I saved $1500 this month (MAY) for example. There are some very good salaries though I have to admit that Dumbells. I am supposed to be having an interview for a head of ESL at an intl school and it is 50k GBP before tax I think with free accommodation. It's very good but it is not $97000 cos Angola is risky.
  2. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    Always great to hear your totally ussless rambelings Musikteech. Angola is absolutely fine, you might want to look up some other countries on the FCO website and see what they say about them, its nearly always doom and gloom. Thailand is a good example.

    Why should a professional work two jobs to survive??...you should be able to do this comfortably with one job. We can manage to get jobs in decent schools, unlike you with your very dodgy past.

    The salary for Spain is actually good, we all knos how bad Spain is in comparison to everywhere else. But for Spain thats not bad. What my concern was, and not once did i mention my own salary , was that the OP wants to live in Madrid which is not a particularly cheap place PLUS pay for a mortgage back home.

    €35 000 works out at taking home around €2100 a month after tax. Numbeo says that an averags 1 bedroom flat oitside the city centre is around €750 a month. Lets be conservative and say all there utitises including mobile and internet is €250. That leaves €1100 which for living in Spain would be fine. The issue is paying back the mortgage in the UK. Because if its not a lot left if its a decent size sum.

    Is that simple enough for you to understand?????

    Always great to hear the completely useless "advice" you give, because its based on NO true international experience AT ALL. Great to have you back under another username...whats that now, number 10? You must have a lot of email address to remember:p
  3. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    I have to agree with @dumbbells66 about the salary. Although €35k is good for Spain, living cost is very high in Madrid. After tax it would actually be around €2200 a month but the rent for 2 room apartment is around €800 for anything decent. Also, a person would need to buy Spanish brands which may not be so straightforward for someone who is not used to Spamish products. UK products are priced very high. OP would be left with €500 for UK mortgage at best. Nonetheless, its a great salary for Spain as average is around €28k for teachers
  4. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    the calculator i used said it would be 2157 a month. but these are only guides, and im not sure what was taken out of that salary. has the OP thought about renting out their house, because if they dont have to cover the mortgage back home then that is a good salary for Spain.
  5. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    It's rare to find a good school in Spain. I would advice the OP to take the job but based on a few factors such as location in Madrid due to cost of rent, amount of mortgage being less than £400 which I doubt and have lived out of UK culture previously because they will need to get used to the local food/products.

    Madrid is a great place and I have friends who moved from my current school to work there. It's definitely busy but the lifestyle is much better than the UK. Its quick to get back to the UK gfor cheap. Don't expect the work to be less though and the weather to be good all year. It gets pretty cold from November till April as your body gets used to the temp and 20 degrees starts to feel cold.
    dumbbells66 likes this.
  6. justengaged1

    justengaged1 New commenter

    35000 Euros is very good for SPain AND for a lot of other countries too not JUST SPAIN.
  7. 765M

    765M New commenter

    35000 Euros is a good salary in a LOT of countries NOT JUST Spain!!:p
  8. miketribe

    miketribe Established commenter

    Even though there clearly would be stoppages for tax and social security, with a non-working spouse and dependents, he'd get most of that back at the end of the tax year. 35,000 euros is a good salary and lots of teachers (and others) live on a lot less. Look for flats at idealista.es. I'd suggest looking in the Malasaña area...
  9. tb9605

    tb9605 Established commenter

    I love Madrid! I lived there from Jan 2009 to July 2011. For the last 12 months of our stay, the three of us (myself, my wife and baby daughter) survived on my piddly TEFL teacher salary (about 14,000 euros PA). We even managed to somehow bring a thousand back with us! So on 35,000 euros I imagine you'll be fine!

    Buena suerte
  10. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    The salary isnt the problem, its really good for Spain. The cost of their mortgage in the UK will be their biggest problem. Simple solution, rent out the house to cover the mortgage.
  11. 765M

    765M New commenter

    35000 euros isn't only a good salary in Spain. It is also a good salary in a lot of other countries too.
  12. 765M

    765M New commenter

    PM me
  13. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    No its not, its a terribly low salary for an intetnational teacher. Its a take home pay of £22600 with NO benefits at all. I can only think of India where you would earn this little, but at least there you would have your accommodation and a lot more paid for.
    JL48 and truth_seeker12 like this.
  14. 765M

    765M New commenter

    Thought youcsaid you only have to take home $30k net and you are on more than a teacher on M6
  15. justengaged1

    justengaged1 New commenter

    which is not much more than the 22600 which you now say is terrible. First you say anything more than $30k is ok then it isn't. Bewildering or what
  16. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    take home in the low $30 000 tax free net is more than M6 in the UK. it changes with the currency exchange. all this shows however is how badly teachers in the UK are paid. the OP also stated they were earning 35 000 gross, as western European salaries are always stated as gross....there is a BIG difference. $30 000 net is a very low international teachers wage in my experience. probably not down in the 4th and 5th tier schools, but for the upper level schools it is very low.

    the problem with salaries in western Europe is that they are taxed, and you get NO benefits that the rest of the world provides. you really need to keep up Musikteech.
  17. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    35k pre tax is OK until you have to pay a mortgage back home AND live in a capital city. Then you're not left with much and have to live pretty frugally
    dumbbells66 likes this.
  18. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    It's quite literally impossible for you to have less of an idea of what you're talking about.
  19. truth_seeker12

    truth_seeker12 Occasional commenter

    Didn't Musikteech say that they were engaged and was needing more income to get married? Check the username of the previous poster.
  20. spanboy

    spanboy Occasional commenter

    Just a heads up for anyone moving to Spain: always check your Spanish bank account regularly, because parties like the govt, junta etc have the right to dip into it and take money from it for unpaid bills etc...even to pay for things you never knew you owed! Be vigilant :)
    truth_seeker12 likes this.

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