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Salaries for international schools in Rome

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by BerlinGirl, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. I've had a good search of this forum and Google, but I can't find anything concrete. I've seen one comment saying don't settle for less than ?40,000, but I've also seen comparisons showing that Italian teachers only earn around ?27,000. Both of these are before tax.

    I'm told Rome is really expensive to live in: more than Berlin. So what would be a reasonable salary. I've seen a few jobs advertised, and I'm tempted to apply, but not if I'm going to struggle to survive on the salary.
  2. Rome is indeed an expensive city nowadays, especially housing. And Rome salaries in international schools are fairly low, especially for elementary level. However, it is also a great city to live in if you can make it work. For some people the first 2 years are tax free. Depends on nationality.
    Where you chose to live would probably depend on the school where you find a job and thus would dictate the cost. Different schools are in vastly different neighborhoods - some closer in, others further out.
    A livable salary would be about 1.600 euros, take home pay.

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