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Salaries at IES schools - Sweden

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by purplecardigan, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Tigger1962

    Tigger1962 New commenter

    I'm sorry but this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever - there are a lot of strange muths about working in Sweden on this thread
    - you would take a drop of 50%?
    - but you would earn more than a doctor?

    Either you must be on an absolutely phenomenal salary right now or your girlsfriend does not really know what she is talking about
    The average salary for a doctor in Sweden is around 55,000 SEK/month (in the 2009 doctor salary survey Östergötaland county had the lowest average at 51,200 and Blekinge the highest at 61,300 http://blt.se/nyheter/blekinge/hogst-lakarloner-i-blekinge(1346893).gm )
    So unless IES is overing really really high salaries for classroom teachers or it is an HT position - higher than a doctor it is not - especially considering that most doctors get an additional 20-30% on top of salary for weekend and evening on-call working.

    I have chatted with 2 teachers I know from University who teach in Swedish state schools with 1-3 years post qualification experience. They said that for state school high school teachers the salaries are around 23,000-26,000 however they thought that state school teachers might get slightly more in Stockholm or offering shortage subjects. The one I spoke to with the least experience earned most as she had a shortage subject (home economics).

    However to put it into perspective - if you were to do a PhD - then you would be paid on average 20,000-24,000 SEK/month by the University

  2. purpleapple

    purpleapple New commenter

    Hi. I would like to resurrect this thread. A previous poster asked about the staff turnover at IES schools. Does anyone know about this? Thanks

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