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Sainsbury's Inclusive PE Training Programme

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by amy092, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. amy092

    amy092 New commenter

    I am a student teacher and having been given the opportunity to attend this free programme in my area, I would highly recommend it to all, it is well worth the time. I know a lot on this forum will be experienced long-serving teachers of PE or otherwise, however the course was not just for student teachers. A variety of teachers were present, some who had been in the profession for a long time, some primary, secondary, and student teachers and NQTs, all of which found it beneficial. It was free, was around 3/4 hours and was at a local facility. Those leading the session were very helpful, and the session was both practical and theoretical. I know a lot of people see these advertisements and don't know whether it would be worth their time or not, so I thought I'd post here just to give one opinion at least. We went through a variety of techniques and concepts designed to ensure sport and PE is accessible to all, and were also given materials to come away with and look at.

    I hope this helps at least one person :)

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