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Safety glasses

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Johntudor7, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Johntudor7

    Johntudor7 New commenter

    Do you insist on safety glasses/goggles when sawing and filing?
  2. cosybear

    cosybear New commenter

    I've always found it easier to use the
    If you are making you have to wear goggles
    or the much easier to "police" version
    Goggles are compulsory in the workshop area for everyone at all times
  3. tontonjon

    tontonjon New commenter

    If it is part of a risk assessment then they need to be worn; general work in workshops might be assessed as always hazardous enough for eye protection and this might inform department policy on their compulsory use.

    Are they required? It depends on the material being used, the age of pupils, their experience, how many pupils there are in the class, how many supervising teachers/technicians there are, if pupils switch between hand work and using machines or power tools, how sensible they are... What are other pupils around them doing? Do they need specs? If so, those nearby probably need them too. I agree that "Compulsory for everyone at all times" is less ambiguous than "if you are making you need goggles". If they are being worn all the time, they can't be forgotten when they are required.

    Personally, I find all glasses uncomfortable, not just safety specs, but I do insist on them when required (risk assessments help here) and I am very happy to set a good example. Some of my pupils choose to wear them all the time.
  4. elmaasheley147

    elmaasheley147 New commenter

    Agree with you.

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