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Sad at the vets

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gorgybaby, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. While I was sitting with my three *** waiting to go in for their jabs a couple came out in tears. I keep on thinking about them - I imagine they had not brought their dog home. I just feel really sad for them. I wanted to go and tell them I knew how they felt. I didn't though, I think the last thing they needed was some weirdo sticking her head through the car window. And I might have missed my turn.
  2. That was me and my OH a year ago. As we passed people in the surgery on the way out, we were touched by peoples' expressions. They didn't have to say anything, we could tell they felt our pain!
  3. Yes, I suppose by definition we are all animal lovers and most of us have been there. I was talking about my three b.uggers nothing more rude. They just become part of your family don't they, and is so hard leaving them behind.

  4. Oh that is sad.
    Our pets are our family. My dog is seventeen and a half and I worry every tired day he has.
    Mostly though he still runs around like a nutter, love him.

  5. Goodness, Gorgy, I thought from the thread title that it was you that had a devastating time at the vets. So glad it wasn't.
    However, like you, I always feel for people who are obviously suffering - and I, like others have been in that position too. Our pets' lives are just too short, however long they live.

  6. We still talk a lot about our brilliant little cat who must have died about 5 years ago. They bring so much to our lives, don't they? My three have been great company over the holiday, although the Mummy one is so affectionate it can be quite stifling. You end up tiptoeing around so as not to wake her up because she is so bloody annoying! Such a sweetheart though. Seventeen and a half is really a great age for dogs, isn't it?
  7. Every time I lose a pet, Ithink that's it, I can't go through the heartache again, but eventually I realise that the house is very empty without them. I don't think I'll ever learn.
  8. Thanks Teds, and sorry I didn;t mean to worry you, I just really feel for them! Am in tears now - not that I am soft or anything!
  9. I wouldn't want to be without Teds, but three can be a bit much (especially when the bill comes in). I had only intended to have two but then along came their Mummy, Julie to join them. Mind, she is the most affectionate of them all. She loves us but is sometimes so needy, she is really irritating! They do bring so much life to a household, and although I haven't got kids it is lovely I think for children to have animals.
  10. I never quite realised just how much my OH loved our Snoopy until we had to have him put down. We drove away from the vets pulled over in a country lane and both cried our eyes out. We have 3 kids but he was another member of the family. I was a wreck at work but didn't expect everyone to understand but can't bear these non animal lovers who brush aside your feelings as if they are trivial.
  11. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    We had such a trip a few months ago with my beautiful girl,the one in my avatar. The house is empty and I know that I will get another one soon.Not yet but soon.
  12. Although I understand that not everyone can love animals like we do it seems such a shame to me - I think people are missing out. Did you get anotherdog, Girly?
  13. She is truly beautiful, Catmother. We knew that our old cat was unwell and that is why we got middle cat, as kitten to soften the blow. It helped a little I think. That was the summer when we had kittens in school. As the kitten got on our old cat's nerves I used to pop him in the basket and take him into work. A couple of kids would babysit him during the day and I would just get on with teaching! OUr old cat was very chatty and I was worried that any future ones wouldn't be as chatty. They aren't but it is OK, Catmother, you still love them. XX

  14. Funny you say that :) I am stroking my Ruby as I am typing this. We had, had snoopy for 15 yrs and I was heartbroken. Middle child nagged me about getting another dog so started to look around. Tried to get another rescue dog but it was so difficult we gave up and bought a labrador out of the daily paper. Needless to say we adore her but still give snoopy a a dust now and again. The vet persuaded us to have him cremated and put in a small wooden box. (Never thought I would do this). I am sounding a bit nutty I know but a bit animal mad!
  15. It doesn't get easier does it? Each time I wonder how many more times I can stand to have my heart broken but then I remember that the pleasure of having pets outweighs the sadness at losing them.
    Don't think I could ever have another springer though.
  16. We've got a Ruby!! Big Rube, she is beautiful and in the last year or so has really changed personality, is loads friendlier than she was. And as I say she is a BIG girl, you certainly know about it when she is on your lap. I imagine your Ruby is a lot bigger though! We have Flo in a box too. Never done it with past cats, but she was a bit special.
  17. Hello Cosmos, yes they bring so much, and you don't have them not to love them. I don't think I could ever not have one. Mine are still quite young really, French and Ruby are only 5 and nearly 5. Not sure how old Julie is but not that old, so hopefully the day will be no time soon!

  18. That's exactly how I was and how I feel.
    I knew who I could tell at work, and those colleagues knew they could share their own grief with me.
    Gorgy, I tiptoe round my dog, as he sticks to me like glue! I can't make up my mind whether he's needy or just plain nosey!
    And don't get me started on vet's bills - my dog's having accupuncture at the moment - which, incidentally appears to have helped him, touch wood.
  19. I'm really sorry, Catmother. You'll know when the time is right.
  20. Oh dear I am sorry if I have made everyone sad, it just really struck a chord with me when I saw them.
    Needy animals really make me laugh, Teddy, they have such funny personalities don't they?
    What is he having acupuncture for? Good that it is working, but terribly dear, I expect.

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