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S.O.S Inspection Looming... Lesson Help

Discussion in 'Science' started by misshelb, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. misshelb

    misshelb New commenter

    Calling on the help/guidance of my fellow Science teachers! Basically we have been given the dreaded phone call and are due a visit off the inspectors. The week of my timetable that they are due in I have a number of very low ability
    Year 7 and Year 8 classes, so chances are i'll get observed with these. Despite having taught a wide range of abilities for 12 years through all key stages, and never having less than a Good for a lesson observation (my proud moment!!) I am really struggling with what to do in these observation lessons. Usually we have max 10 pupils in our lower ability classes, but this year they have 20-25, and I honestly have not taught such a mixed group of students with such low abilities.
    I am in the middle of our Energy unit with my Year 8 so was thinking of some Renewable v Non Renewable stuff, and Year 7 have just started looking at materials and their properties (metals today) am i'm stumped.
    Any help will will be greatly appreciated!! Pleeeeeease!!!

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