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RWI- why do we have whole sets of books that haven't been read?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by otter007, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. otter007

    otter007 New commenter

    Following the departure of the staff member who introduced RWI a year ago, we are overhauling it!

    I've noticed that the sets of books 1-8 in each colour band have been read. Whilst the rest are in pristine untouched condition! Why waste money on these unless we aren't following the suggested method.

    When we re-assess at the end of each half term, we restart the scheme with children in revised colour groups but starting back to book 1, which explains why we never get past book 8! I'm told we do this because some children will change groups and enter from a lower ability group. Restarting in the next half term at book 9 would confuse the newbies, as the books are progressive. Whilst this makes sense, the children who don't move group are bored as they've read the books already. Also printing books 9-12 is a waste of time and money and surely cash strapped schools wouldn't buy them if unnecessary?

    Something tells me we're not doing this right! Any help would be very much appreciated.

  2. lovecake123

    lovecake123 New commenter

    Also you buy them as books 1 to 10, a single copy of each, so you would be unable to buy just book 1 for example! We also have lots of books barely used, as you buy in case it’s a large group, but invariably it’s much smaller!
  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Restarting seems a nonsense. Those who don't change groups just do the same 1-8 books over and over again and so never ever make progress because they never move on.

    Once you do the assessments, have a look at those moving and discuss if they really are at the same level as those in the group above. If they are, then starting where that group are at makes sense. If they aren't, then don't move them up. Similarly with those moving down.

    Or you could just reassess every 10 weeks rather than every half term.
  4. otter007

    otter007 New commenter

    Thanks for your reply. Apoligies, I'm not sure I explained the situation properly!

    Whilst you buy a whole set of book numbers 1-10 and the school may decide to buy full 10 sets (to accommodate 10 children in a group), we have book numbers 9 and 10 never being read in any colour band. This is because we always return to book 1 in ravh colour band after each assessment.

    Some of our groups have 18 children in them, others have 4. Big groups share books.
  5. otter007

    otter007 New commenter

    I agree wholeheartedly! However the person responsible for RWI was adamant we returned to book 1 each time. As a new person has assumed responsibility, I'll have a chat with them

    Thanks for suggestion of testing after the whole 10 week set of books.
  6. dizzymai

    dizzymai New commenter

    My experience of RWI is that you have to tweak it, quite a lot, to make it work for you and your children.

    We rewrote the assessments and moved children less, reducing the amount of groups too. We got rid of the workbooks (yawn!!!). THe resources are great- the flashcards, the reading books, the red and green words. Make it work for you. Don't be a slave to RWI. We now have above average phonics test results, whereas before we had terrible ones. Both on RWI. RWI is not a magic wand, you need to customise it IMHO.

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