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Royal wedding Party for year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by debz08, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any activities ideas?
    Thanks in advance. :).

  2. Does this link to another topic you are studying, and if so, what is that?
    Off the top of my head, how about you get the kids to organise their own Royal Wedding?
    You could show them images, props and videos from some very different weddings. Talk about customs, rituals, religion, the ring as a symbol.
    They can draw pictures to show how it would look, label plans for how the couple will get there, what they will wear, what will be said at the wedding, and then they can all have roles and act out different parts of the wedding.
    Good luck!
  3. languageisheartosay

    languageisheartosay Occasional commenter

    Re Royal Wedding - I just received news of free pdf resources from Widgit. Haven't had a look myself. Go to http://www.widgit.com/resources/classroom/royal_wedding/index.htm
    Hope there's something there for some of your students.
  4. char2505

    char2505 New commenter

    Get them to make own tiaras/crowns?!
  5. Were on hols during it, but before we broke up we had a royal wedding party day. Children dressed as princes/princesses or wedding guests, they bought in picnic food and we played traditional british circle games (ring a ring a roses etc) before having our food with british music (land of hope and glory etc) on in the background. In the morning we had a mini assembly where we listened to and attempted to teach a bit of the national anthem. We had alot of activities on tables from ********** (I know, I know..) - designing a wedding dress, designing a wedding breakfast, making crowns, colouring in the royal standard flag. I found a powerpoint somewhere that had basic pictures of the royal family, I told them about how the queen is related to prince charles, what happened to Diana, and about how Kate would become a princess. We also looked at pictures of Buckingham Palace.

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