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Royal wedding/bank holiday buffet

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by lanajames, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. I'm planning a small party with buffet lunch for 14 guests and would love some help with ideas for my menu.
    It's on the day of the royal wedding but the wedding itself is just a theme and an excuse for a party and it's more a celebration of the bank holiday really.
    I've got lots of pretty bunting, pastel paper chains and union jacks to decorate, drinks will be served in tea cups and food on fancy floral paper plates. I would've liked to serve a afternoon tea with sandwiches, scones and cakes but since people will be drinking (and the party starts at 10:30am...) I need to make it a bit more substantial.
    I want to be able to prepare it all in advance, for it to be filling, as cheap as possible and if it fits in with a British/afternoon tea/dainty-food-served-on-cake-stands theme then all the better. There will be a couple of pregnant ladies there so I need to make sure there's enough that they can eat.
    So far I've thought about sandwiches (including coronation chicken), mini Cornish pasties, goats cheese pastry bites, roast potatoes and lots of Pimms.
    Would appreciate any ideas on what food to serve and also quantities - this is the first time I've made food for this many people and I have no idea how much is enough for everyone.
  2. Go the whole hog (do you have some help?)
    Typical Brit buffet - sausage rolls, cheese and grapes on cocktail sticks, cold meat platter, pork pies, green salad, coleslaw, etc.
    Mini toad-in-the-hole (can be eaten cold)(yorkshire puds with cocktail saussies)
    Cucumber sandwiches
    Cheese and pickle sandwiches
    (sandwiches cut into triangles, obviously, tis a wedding after all).
    Scotch eggs
    Scones - with jam and cream.
    Jam tarts, Maids of Honour.
    Platter of cheeses.
    Plate of toffee and fudge.

  3. ah, you want quantaties.
    My rule of thumb is to provide a wide spread and then of each, enough for 75% no. of guests.
    Unless it is things like sausage rolls or scones - then at least one for each person, preferably two.
    If you tell us exactly what you decide on, maybe we can help you more.
    Don't forget enough soft drinks - they tend to run out fairly quickly.

  4. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    We're also hosting a Royal Wedding Party for the same reasons as you!
    Not too worried about specifics on the food front. Will be making homemade burgers to slap on the BBQ, but have also got some more intersting ones in the freezer......ostrich, water buffalo and springbok..........for the more adventurous.
    We are asking everyone to bring along a salad or a pud.
    I am creating a cocktail in celebration called the 'Red, White and Blue'. Early prototypes are based on blueberry vodka (blue), cranberry juice (red, thinking of version 2 using muddled raspberries) and soda (white), decorated with a dinky Union Jack! [​IMG]
    Hope it all goes well!

  5. Thanks both for your suggestions, that's been a big help, especially about the quantities. Especially loving the idea of the mini toad in the hole. And I'll definitely be stealing the idea of creating a special cocktail, that's a great idea.
    Thanks again.
  6. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Personally, I'd tell them all to bring their own drink instead of even thinking about cocktails. This is the most expensive bit, and they'll temper their enthusiasm for what they will drink when the cost is down to them.
    On every single occasion I've entertained large numbers, a barbecue has been the most successful. It's the least stress and everone can see it takes time to cook stuff. Keep it simple. Everyone will eat and love barbecued sausages and jacket potatoes. Grilled chicken or whatever.
    Few will respect the hours of work that go into preparing the finest buffet. They come for a good time, so give it to them. Music, dancing games and sports to keep the kids amused.
    If you're really intent on doing something special, cooking-wise, keep it to a single dish that's manageable.
  7. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    I'd agree with all of that.
  8. Oh, they will all bring their own drink but it'd be nice to provide even 1 cocktail each.
    I see your point about keeping it to the minimum effort but this isn't the kind of party we have regularly - normally my catering for a group that size involves sticking some Tesco pizzas and sausage rolls in the oven at 2am. I'd just like it to be a bit special and to (loosely) fit the 'afternoon tea' theme of the occasion. I don't plan to slave over the buffet but a little bit of effort is OK.
    I'm on holiday from work from the Easter weekend right through until after the party so have plenty of time to prepare and would rather have things in the fridge ready to just stick in the oven on the day. I live in a flat with no garden, so barbecues are out anyway.
    I have lovely friends and I'm sure they will appreciate the effort but even if it doesn't cross their minds, as long as everyone has a good time then I'll be happy [​IMG].They're all bringing a contribution of food too so the effort will be shared.
  9. It is a one off - I'd go the whole hog.
    I think the idea of creating your own cocktail is a brill idea.
    Think of all the names you could conjure up...(absolutely love Belle's idea already, going to try it out!).
    (mini toad in the holes always go down well, btw. Just use cocktail saussies and make in a yorkshire pud/muffin tin).
  10. Perhaps we think differently.
    My friends come for a good time, and I give it to them by putting in the work beforehand, as well as whilst they are there.
    All my friends do the same.
    A BBQ is great - but it is not really the greatest of effort and all the ones I go to, the men stand around discussing how to grill the meat and the women are left to deal with salads.
    It is a bit like going to a mosque and being separated.

  11. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    But with pork!!
  12. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    I have made a batch of burgers today. Tomorrow I'm making chilli burgers and I'm also going to do tuna and ginger burgers.
    All will be prepared and in the freezer for 29th.
    Snowstorm is coming too and she will be making her garlic and chilli prawns as an appetizer.....they are yummy!
    Just hoping the nice weather holds now.

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