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Royal Veterinary College Free half term events

Discussion in 'Science' started by missgsim, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. missgsim

    missgsim New commenter

    Do you know any pupils who are interested in Veterinary Nursing, Veterinary Medicine or Biological Sciences?

    Here are our free events in half term, in Camden:

    · Tuesday 16th February: Museum Open Afternoon- Free, Camden. Suitable for primary children and older.


    · Wednesday 17th February: Equine Careers Day- Free, Camden. Suitable for Secondary pupils and older.



    · Thursday March 17th 5.30-22.00 Evening Lates event for secondary pupils upwards: Night at the Vet College: Animal Athletes! Free, Camden


    Longer term, have a look here:


    Please also see our newsletter for more information about our school outreach work.

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