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Routines for breastfed babies

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by pogo_stick, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Hi DP
    I can't give you advice as I'm learning too but can just share what we do. Right at the beginning I was feeding 20mins on each side. At about 2wks we went to BF support and midwife tutted when I mentioned this (and asked me who had told me to do this... well no-one but equally no-one told me how to do it either..). She then went on to explain risks of not getting fatty hindmilk so from then on we have stuck to one boob. I haven't (apart from the odd occasion when she seemed to still be hungry) offered her the other side until it came to to the next feeding time. This is unusual I know but has worked for us and LO has rarely complained for 2nd boob in one feeding slot.
    We've battled through sore, bleeding nipples plus thrush and mastitis and just this week she seemed to get fidgety on both sides and faff towards the end of the feed. She feeds for about 30mins (sometimes 25mins and sometimes 40mins but usually 30mins). Went to OOH doctors yesterday as boobs really painful and thought thrush was coming back but turns out that I probably just have an ill-fitting bra (up until now I couldn't bear to have anything non-loose fitting as the pressure/clothing contact on my nipples was too painful!) and the weight of the milk-filled boobs is bruising the breast tissue.
    I was a bit miffed at first as thought she was fobbing me off but the pain did feel exactly like bruising and I have dug out my maternity bras, tightened them and, along with a cold compress, things seem better.
    Anyway, and getting back to your original question, she suggested that I only feed LO for 10mins on each side. I asked her about LO getting the hindmilk and she said that babies usually get most of what they need straight away in the first few mins. I also queried LO not emptying the boob (a classic invitation for mastitis to return) but she didn't think it a problem. I am a little worried that my supply might dry up dramatically (I get 165ml from a boob when expressing so is she really getting this from 2x10mins??) but shall have to wait and see...
    So far today we have done the 10pm (last night) 6am, 10am and 2pm feeds using the 2x10min suggestion and LO certainly hasn't been wailing for more milk. I was surprised that she continued to sleep through the night last night on that plus has had a dirty nappy so I think that means she must be getting some hindmilk at some point; you can certainly hear her guzzling during the 2x10min feed.
    I think it's too soon to say though whether this will work and she'll continue to put on weight.
    You say that your first morning feed can last up to 3hrs. Our NCT lady and midwives suggested that most feeds can last anywhere from 10mins to 1hour but everyone is different. Can you perhaps try and reduce this feeding time over the next few days until you've got it down to 1hr as well? 3hrs seems a bit long and must be tiring for you too. Maybe have a bit of trial and error with feeding times to see if LO is equally contented with shorter feeding times but that is much easier said than done plus you mention you have another one (baby? toddler?) plus I am not an expert either.
    Good luck with whatever you choose to do
    Pogo x
  2. DilysPrice

    DilysPrice New commenter

    Hi Pogo. I hate it whenyou receive conflicting advice from the professionals!!
    If it's not too much of a pain can you give me a brief rundown of your daily routine. Do you feed for an hour then put her down to sleep? or keep her going till her next feed at 10? This isn't straight forward is it!
  3. like Pogo I am learning too - I always offer the other boob when he has come off the first one- he tends to go longer between feeds that way and feeds for about 30 mins - although much more frequently than Pogo during the day - but will only wake once between 10 and 8 for a feed at night so I don't mind feeding more in the day.
    my LO does what I call head bobbing!!! rather funny but can get irritating - I think its when he is not comfy because he does it when OH gives him expressed milk too! x
  4. Hi Dilys.
    Ok, here goes; it is our preferred routine and seems to work for us but of course others will have their own preferred methods so this is just ours.
    06.00: I get up, stock up on the orange squash, faff for a bit (checking emails!!) and then wake her. I change her nappy and feed at 06.30. I do this in the dark (with the door open for a bit of light) and the put her down to bed again once finished. I then either go back to bed myself until 09.00 and then shower/breakfast before 10.00 or if we're due to go out straight after next feed I stay up and shower, get breakfast, put the washing on, empty/load dishwasher etc. I used to not do this to begin with but found that I never had time for breakfast or shower as was having to attend to her crying etc and found that I never got a shower or breakfast until beyond 11am which is not good for milk supply....
    10.00 I wake her up, change nappy and then feed. She's then often wide awake so we have a bit of fun time (wandering around the house, looking at things, playing with toys etc) until she gets bored and then I sit with her or put her in her rocker chair. Usually about an hour before the next feed, she'll drop off again.
    14.00 I wake her up, change nappy and then feed. We then sometimes go for a walk, or visit friends or I just play with her or sit her in her rocker chair again.
    17.00 Daddy then gets home and has some time with her.
    18.00 Feeding time again with nappy change with cuddles afterwards.
    19.30 Bedtime; we put her down in her moses basket, put the lullaby music on (which projects a moving colour image - Winnie the Pooh - on the ceiling which she loves now that she has started to look around; a great Christmas present!). She usually either as we put her down or soon afterwards. I/OH shush her, rub her chest, talk to her quietly and then leave. She will cry up to 10mins max but usually settles her within a few mins. If she cries longer than 10-12mins, one of us will go to her and try to settle her again by quietly telling her it's bedtime, reassuring her and leaving her.
    22.00 I wake her, change her nappy and feed her in the dark/dimly lit room before putting her back to bed again. She then sleeps through until when I wake her again between 0600 and 0630 the next day. She's 9wks old today and has been sleeping through for about a couple of weeks now. I can't quite remember when I last had to do a 02.00am feed.
    I know to some this will seem quite a regimented routine but it works for us. Yes there are times when she cries in between feeds but I am happy that she is not hungry and is just seeking attention/wanting cuddles. There are times when she is difficult to settle and OH gets in from work to find her sleeping on my chest and so I haven't quite got done everything I wanted to in the day but these things happen and I don't mind; the washing can wait!!
    Again this is our preferred method so please don't think I'm suggesting you/anyone should follow this. You do whatever you think is right for you and your LO.
    pogo x
  5. DilysPrice

    DilysPrice New commenter

    Thanks Pogo, I just wanted to see what you were doing. Seems great, I hope I can get into some sort of routine soon.
  6. Hi Dilys.........my LO Is 19 weeks and we have no routine! I just feed on demand, she sleeps through most nights and is a fairly, happy, contented little thing, I think some people think I have taken baby led to the extreme but I have no other kids and think why not?! Good luck x x x x
  7. sjw2007

    sjw2007 New commenter

    My LO is coming up for 7 months old. I always demand fed her and really only stopped once she was having 3 solid meals a day ( and then only to stop her filling up on milk and refusing the food). Like Rebecca some thought that I too had taken baby led to the extreme but it suited me and her. She was only 5lb and tube fed initially when she was born but now on the 50th percentile so I must have done something right!! If what she is doing suits you both I wouldn't worry. xx

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