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Rough cost for University

Discussion in 'Personal' started by eggnchips, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Can anybody please tell me what student life may cost? I have absolutely no idea and no money so it promises to be an interesting few years chez Eggy with 2 possibly wanting to go.
  2. Can anybody please tell me what student life may cost? I have absolutely no idea and no money so it promises to be an interesting few years chez Eggy with 2 possibly wanting to go.
  3. I went to a parents information evening on this last year. We were told that they would finish 20-25 grand in debt (that was before tuition fee increases were announced). I have to say I breathed a sigh of relief when my son said he definitely didn't want to go as I knew I couldn't let him run up so much debt but also wasn't sure I could help enough to make much difference. Sorry can't be more positive Eggy.
  4. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    It depends on the university and (possibly) the course that they wish to do.
    3000-9000 per year on course fees.
    plus ~ 5000-6000 maintenance (not that they'll receive that but I've basically added up how much accomodation will cost plus some money for food).
    rather a lot per year.
  5. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    I suppose it depends entirely on the lifestyle your child wants to live. A friend of mine, whose daughter is in her first year at Sheffield, is paying 800 quid a month for hall fees (which are 120 a week), money to live on, etc. This does not include tuition fees.
    The hall is one of these ultra-modern new ones with en-suite bedrooms, etc.
    Throw in the cost if your child wants (as many do) to run a car and any other of the lifestyle accessories which some of them want (I'm not in the least implying that your child would!).
  6. Just found my notes! If parents earn between 25 and 50K they can get a grant, few hundred a year. student loan 4k a year. tuition loan £3290 -was max i think
    average student debt for 2010: living costs 11000 tuition fees 9000 (over 3 years)
    BUT- written off after 25 years!
    we were given directgov.uk/studentfinance as a reference

  7. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    In addition to the fees/loans etc that's another example of how things have changed.
    We had shared facilities and many of our rooms didn't even have an electric socket. Young people tend to be dissatisfied now if their home comforts aren't replicated.

  8. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    A friends child worked her way though university and had no debt at the end.
  9. so very crudely something like 1K a month study/live?
  10. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Same as my niece.
  11. It is impossible to say at the moment how much it will cost, universities are yet to decide how much they are going to charge for tuition fees (other than Oxbridge who've already announced they will charge the maximum). I have one son who has graduated and another in his second year. Currently tuition fees are £3200, they get a loan for that, (paid directly they never see a penny of that!), they also have a loan which they use for maintenance, living costs, food etc. We do not qualify for a grant so we paid their hall costs and now pay the rent on the student house. I felt the rent was a priority and let them manage their living costs; if they blow it all during the first few weeks of term them beans on toast will be on the menu!! First son is not earning £15000 so is not paying anything off yet. I have to say neither of them are phased by having a loan or the debt, they're all in the same situation. I obviously cannot speak for those who are deciding whether to go to university with the prospect of such a rise in tuition fees.
  12. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Yes, I recall someone arguing that on TES a couple of years ago. Some of us were told that the young today expect to live in conditions 'like they have at home' and that we didn't because we were all brought up in sheds, or some such.
    It was a charming argument.
  13. Their living costs will depend very much on where they live and what kind of social life is the norm there.
    There are student guides available which will give you a rough idea for each university, or you could ask the institution to give you some idea.
    You also need to take account of the cost of books - which will vary from course to course - and travel.
  14. Crikey, times have changed. I paid under 300 quid for a whole term all in including food.
    No tuition fees.
    Germany has just abolished tuition fees!
  15. all in meant shared bathroom, of course.
    No individual ditty little en suite showers.

  16. My son got the loan/grant/whatever it is to pay for his tuition fees and accomodation fees. There is a shortfall of about £260 per term for his accomodation fees. He gets £200 a month from his dad and has to survive on that (food, clothing, stuff for uni, travel, socialising, etc). If he needs/wants more then he knows he has to get himself a part-time job.
    I'm happy to help him out in other ways (pay for his phone and contact lenses monthly, bought him a fancy laptop, take food parcels every couple of months, visit and take him out for a meal, etc) and do everything I can to support him in getting the most out of being at Uni, but if he wants to do the stereotypical student thing then he can pay for that himself.
    I seem to be out of step though, other people I know with kids at Uni are spending up to £500 every month to support their kids - and that's after they have paid their accomodation fees for them too!
    I can't imagine that my lad would learn very much about organising his life and finances if he had that kind of financial support on tap. I know he struggles financially (or thinks he does) but his room and bills are paid in advance so his only difficulty is deciding whether he wants to spend his money on booze, fags or food.
  17. Blinkin eck - so if they have two kids at uni, which is perfectly plausible, they are necking out a grand a month and paying accom fees too?
    What the f.cuk do they live on themselves?
  18. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Mangle jnr went this year.
    He gets a loan that covers his fees - £3000 and nearly another £3000 for maintenance. I've paid his accommodation costs about £2,900 for the year, 44 weeks I think. He has a reasonable lifestyle, better than I had as a student (with a grant) but not luxurious by any means.
    Accommodation seems one of the biggest variables. He shares a slef-catered flat with 6 others it has 2 bathroom/showers and 2 separate loos. His room is a bit small but he doesn't know any better and is very happy with his arrangements. He has a car which is the way in the drive at home as he can't/doesn't-want-to afford to take it with him and run it.
    There seems to be a move these days towards en-suite toilet and showers and larger rooms. We're lucky that he thought these are superfluous. It also helped that I didn't tell him I was paying accom costs until he'd applied, he thought he was going to have to work to pay those so went for the cheaper option.
    My view is that it's expensive to go to Uni these days and so I want him to make the most of his time there rather than having to work his way through and end up with a less good degree. I saw some survey a while ago (can't recall where I'm afraid) that showed a close inverse corellation between class of degree and job hours worked while at Uni.
  19. I put up with glasses (which I hated) until after I graduated because I thought contact lenses were too expensive.
    That's not meant to be derogatory by the way. I'm just musing on how times have changed.
  20. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Was that working in the week/during the term/weekends/vacations?

    My niece worked every alternate week in Asda at home and during every vacation - still got a 2:1.She was free to handle her work during the week and had every other weekend free.

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