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Rotate or Stick with the same class?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by KnittyWench, May 9, 2011.

  1. We've had a similar thing with reduced numbers moving from 4 groups to 3. We teach Food, Textiles and Resistant Materials covering some electronics but augment the projects by doing a mini Graphics project at various times of the year for each year group - I use it with Year 7 when they first arrive to do a quick assessment for setting purposes as we are timetabled against PE and have a "top and bottom" half of the year. PE do fitness testing and between us we come up a acceptable set of students for both our purposes.
    We also do a homework project for each KS3 group which is designed to further stretch them, the Year 7 one is the half term before Christmas and is about Winter Festivals they have to research one and produce information about any customs relating to it, produce a card / invitation and menu for the food typically served, examples of clothing or decorations used, and a design for a typical light associated with the festival.
    Next year will be more interesting as due to further falling roles and redundancy we will have 5 groups in Year 7, I plan to run 3 groups as usual in the top half and 2 groups in the bottom half. I'm going to teach them Textiles and Resistant Materials even sized projects time wise, the other teacher is going to teach Food and Graphics with Food being the longer project. We will have these two groups for a term and a half each.
    This can only work because of the staff we have, if our other Food teacher was in the mix then I could forget any meaningful Graphics or any notion of rotating between subjects. I think other schools have to find a solution which is workable with their staff and what they are happy to deliver. I know some people who even though can do things don't particularly like doing them e.g. me and Food.
  2. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    well, when i joined this place 4 years ago, we kept the same class for the year and did whatever specialism was ours for the whole year. Due to other subjects' timetables I ended up with a very low ability class trying to do Systems [​IMG]

    The following year, we decided to rotate classes through teachers, which was quite sucessful from a Teaching pov but "we couldnt assess progress properly as the teaching was inconsistent"
    Last year we carried on with rotation but had "moderating meetings" every few weeks to compare notes e.t.c. (this was a pain in the ass)
    This year, we keep the classes, but rotate the subjects, each teacher doing 3 schemes of work, in their own time.

    None of these "work" but the lesser of the four evils is the current system. No doubt it'll change next year.
  3. Thank you, this is really useful....with my department it's the Food teacher that is the issue. She's lovely, but really doesn't want to teach anything else but Food (Textiles at a push), which throws a spanner in the works of how SLT think our TT is going to work next year.
    I really like the idea of your mini projects for homework, that is definitely something I will add to my departmental planning at KS3 next year, thanks!

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