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Ros Wilson writing Levels

Discussion in 'Primary' started by vancie, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Can anyone help? We use Ros Wilson writing criterion, however on course today led by retired ofsted inspector (!)who was telling us about tracking progress in primary schools..that Ros Wilson Levels were too harsh and often 2 levels (sub) lower than NC descriptors. Is he speaking out of his posterior or have people found this?
  2. Anyone??????????
  3. Hi

    Yes we've adopted Ros Wilsons writing levels and the big write etc ... and we have found our assessment levels very disappointing in the first year ...

    I think the levels are meant to be boosted by the 'big writing' teaching/'talking homework' eventually.
  4. I find them really accurate.
  5. I've levelled work using SATs criteria KS2 and Ros Wilson and found them to be very alike.
  6. Thanks for letting me know x
  7. They can be a bit harsh and Ros says this herself on course- better that way than generous
  8. Must be why they work for me - I am harsh!
  9. Well I have been using them, and they've been ok, Yeah I agree its better to be harsh fairer in long run for children. Thanks everyone for reassuring me X
  10. I use them and am a tough marker - always have been. And children do better in yr 6 SATs than I expect, on the basis of my assessments!

    Which is good!
  11. I'd rather undermark than overmark!!
  12. I used to get criticised for undermarking but like you Gertie, it paid dividends!
  13. I criticise my predecessors [1] for overmarking!!!

    [1]I mean those who taught my class before I did. Is predecessors the right word?
  14. I use Ros. Wilson's Criterion Scale, but for moderation purposes I had to assess one piece of my classes writing using the school's traditional pro forma. Around half of the scripts ended up with the same result and the other half came out a sublevel or two below using the Criterion Scale.

    Judging by some of the other pieces of writing we had to moderate, I'm sure Ros. Wilson's assessment tool would have had a more dramatic deflationary effect on levels. I guess, however, that has more to do with the generous application of our more subjective assessment levels by some teachers rather than any major discrepancy between the NC and the Criterion Scale itself.

    Use it and be harsh, that's my advice. It can only lead to surprises of the pleasant kind come Year 6.
  15. And I am currently trying to get my class up to fischer family trust predictions based on their yr 2 SATs, done by someone I stongly believe was either incompetent or dishonest.

    Either way, they must have been highly inflated cos my class haven't a hope in hell of getting what they need to for Value ADDED!

  16. I used to get fed up of children coming to me with inflated levels from their previous teacher. At least the teachers who got my classes knew that they were relatively accurate if not slightly under where they were.

    I must admit I do like Big Writing and have already seen an improvement in my children's writing, even with me being harsh.
  17. Poppychick

    Poppychick New commenter

    I find them low too. Previously it was much easier to award level one in year one now it's very difficult to get all class up to the standard on Ros' criteria.
  18. I agree Poppychick ... it seems to be Year 1 that have taken a knock.
  19. We regularly find that our Yr6 SAT results are better than we would have predicted using the Ros Wilson scale.
    2 sub levels is about right too.
  20. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    I find them accurate for my mixed Y1/2 class. I recently took my Y2 work for SATS moderation and all were agreed on by teachers in other schools so I'm happy.

    Would echo what others said about it being better to be a harsh marker than generous. If the policy is adopted through the whole school then you shouldn't get the 'over generous' makring in earlier years.

    I like it because it allows you to back up your levelling more easily - you can actually prove why you have given a child a particular level more easily.

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