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Romans Books

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Gertie Grumbles, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. <font size="4">Parcelled up ready for someone else who has not followed through!</font>
    <font size="4">Greek and Roman fashions &pound;3
    Kingfisher Little Histories - Roman Times &pound;1

    Roman Britain with a Sketchbook &pound;2.50
    Romans, Gladiators and Hungry Lions &pound;2
    Scenes from the Roman Empire &pound;1
    See-through History - Ancient Rome &pound;3
    The History of Britain - Roman Britain &pound;2.50
    Horrible Histories - Rotten Romans &pound;0.50

    P & P &pound;5.50 (Parcels rate) total &pound;21
    <font size="4">to buy email gertie@grumbles.me.uk</font>
    <font size="4">And there's plenty more books on www.grumbles.me.uk</font>
    <font size="4">(Gertie, retired and wanting space in her study!)

  2. These are still available - anyone doing Romans next year and want a few books? All immaculate - never used by kids.
  3. Hi you got mail.

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