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roman holiday

Discussion in 'Personal' started by suzyq99, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Can you end an argument at my house. Last year we holidayed in Florence, and we were able to get free entry to museums by showing a valid GTC card. I think that it is a Florence thing, but my other half says it's an EU idea. Can anyone tell us who is correct. ( The divorce court is looming!!!!)
  2. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Ask on the Thorn tree website - they know everything!
  3. marshypops

    marshypops New commenter

    I thik it's EU - I got in some museums in Paris for free.
  4. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    In Italy, National monuments/gall;eries etc are free to EU residents
  5. I'm afraid that's utter rubbish, henriette.
    You can get a discount or free entry in France if you're a teacher but in Italy its not the norm unless you're with a school group.
  6. I managed to get into Pompeii and Herculaneum for half price because I happened to have my old college staff ident badge in my purse. Oops! But it wasn't free.
  7. Did they check the date on it?
    *goes in search of student card last valid around the time of the new millennium*
  8. Undated chocolate! Can't think how I forgot to hand it in when I left [​IMG]
  9. Ghaaah!! If I'd known that before going to Rome I would've taken full advantage!

    Still, our Roma-Pass was pretty good - as well as discounts and the first two galleries/museums free of charge, it also included free transport on the tube and buses.
  10. So all those hundreds of pounds and I can get something back from GTCE ....
    A miracle !!!![​IMG]
  11. But you can only get it in state museums.
    Many of them aren't.
  12. I just muttered professoressa and showed my photo id and nae bother.... but then I have an honest face....[​IMG]
  13. They're easily impressed by anyone who speaks Italian...
  14. That too - but I prefer to think it was the face.

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