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Role Play KS2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Hi
    please could you send me the role play cards - they sound very exciting. Thanks.

  2. Hi,

    Do you ever use music in your role play areas/role plays, or would you? I love the idea of having a role play in the class room and my specialist area is music. I would like to merge the performing arts (drama, role play and music). Do you think it would work or be engaging enough for the children? I was thinking maybe that if I set up a role play area, exposed the children to music from that era, or that represents the role play, and then they could compose using their own instruments? Or they could perhaps create their own little drama piece in the role play area and use the music provided as soundtrack or sing a song from that era/county etc?

    Would be great to have your thoughts on this.

  3. hi im a student teacher and am doing this for my dissertation. Do role play areas in ks2 classrooms improve levels of boys writing? Can you suggest how to research this. Obviously i will need to set one up, and allow children to use it, but what do people suggest about the writing activities. ill need written work befor, during, after to compare and use as evidence. Would you suggest use written activities as part of the role play, ie letters etc, or could you ask them for a creative piece of writing, linked to drama carried out in role play area? not really sure. any help would be fantastic. either reply here or my email is donna_elliott@live.co.uk
  4. go to primary resource centre forum and look under creative forum think its in resources or misc
  5. Hello. I know you posted this a long time ago but could you possibly send me the role play scenario cards? I am new to Y5 and trying to set up a role play corner for Britain since 1948, changing the theme every two weeks (spending my summer round charity shops and on Ebay for clothes and artefacts) but I need ideas to get me going with the writing/ speaking/ listening prompts. Anything you have I would be grateful for. Thanks please send to beesknees1971@hotmail.com
  6. Hi,
    Your role play scenario cards sound great - don't suppose you have any for a japanese restaurant do you? If so, would really appreciate having a look: julierivers@tiscali.co.uk
    Huge thanks!
  7. Hi
    The role play scenario cards sound great and I have spent ages trying to find them. Can anyone email me them pleeeeeese!! I have set up an Ancient Egypt role play area in year 3 and I am trying to think of a focus for it.
  8. Just noted the date on the post, so I have no idea if this will work. Thank you for the brilliant tips on the tes site. I am planning a role play based around HM Stanley's life beginning in the Victorian orphanage to his African exploration ( we are an international school in Malawi). Any advice or bewares for me?
    Thanks Mrs K
  9. I've just found them here -


    If you click the link hopefully you'll see them!

  10. Hi Bluerose,

    Are your KS2 role play scenario cards still available somewhere? I have searched in vain for the yahoo group... I have just set up a Tudor themed role play area for my new Year 4's and i have never done anything like this before and i'm not sure how to introduce/ initially control the groups when they are given the chance of using the area... hence why i would like to see your cards! I can give you my email address if useful?
  11. pretty sure they are on PTRC forum in resources, now ive typed at see message above has posted link
  12. Hi dazza d, im setting up a Year 6 role play area and love the idea of a tv studio as i feel it has that 'grown up' element to it. Any advice on how you went about it or if it would be suitable for upper KS2 or not?

    Wow, just realised that this was over 5 years ago now!!

    Any help on some Year 6 role play areas would be great though.
  13. It might be a while since this thread was started but it is so wonderful to hear of all of the wonderful things colleagues are doing with role play in ks2! last term i managed a tudor role play area - bit gutting to be told that year 4 has not kept it for the new curriculum, but hey ho!! This term i have persuaded my colleagues to do a garden centre with a tropical rainforest ish theme as we are looking at St. Lucia now!!! Thank you for the link to the scenario cards - a great starting point!

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