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Role Play KS2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. as well as a prop box maybe a small screen which folds up so could use carpet area at times? Or can you spread into the corridor or is that a no no? Or how about stack up one set of tables for those lessons when going to set up space for role play so still needs to be portable but give a bit more space. could designate area with hanging things that show this is role play area over a particular space
  2. NQT to be

    NQT to be New commenter

    good ideas, thanks bluerose
  3. If you've got room for a carpet area there's room for role play. I do not have a carpet area, they are year 5 and we sit at tables, if we need to sit on the carpet we move a couple of tables.

    It is possible that you can move the room around to get the most out of your space.
  4. NQT to be

    NQT to be New commenter

    I thought of that myself Julia, but it's year 3/4 and more experienced teachers than myself have said that it is important to have a carpet area to teach to. Would you agree with this for lower KS2?
  5. see what works for you, id have a carpet area for them but maybe not essential. Try both and see. Think it depends on class
  6. Please can someone tell me where I can fnd the yahoo group? Sounds fantastic!
  7. ricjamclick

    ricjamclick New commenter

    Sorry, NQT to be haven't got around to you yet.. been very busy. Really. Will see how things go in the rest of the week.
  8. Anyone got any ideas for a role play area for topic Britain since 1930. Got some ideas but wondered if anyone has anything alreday made. Thanks.
  9. anderson shelter
    1940's living room
  10. Bluerose have you done this before? Wondered if you had any ideas for prompt cards. Wanting to set up role play for Sept, not sure what other staff will think about it. Work with a lot of older staff who are very experienced but stuck in their ways! Thanks always appreciate your feedback x
  11. started cards on peecees yahoo gp not that good as yet maybe if you join you could help with those
  12. I've just made real life River/flooding role play cards - going to be using them this afternoon, and this morning I'm showing them our Public Debate from Friday they will now be in role as journalists!
  13. pete72

    pete72 New commenter

    so sorry to be a few years late( I'm a GTP student) but where can I find the role play card/scenarios/learning objectives for role play areas. I am about to set up a garden centre in a spllit 2/3 class.
    Sorry for the hassle.

  14. Hi Dazza, could you possibly send me the scenario cards? This sounds FAB. vchanin@yahoo.com And the yahoo groups link?
  15. Hi, I hope to be a new NQT this sept in KS2. Very excited about having my own class. Love the ideas for role play and was wondering if you would mind letting me see some of your role play scenario cards.Have never seen any role play areas for KS2 during my teaching practices so appreciate your thread. Thanks!
  16. Have just found thread and wondered where I can find the scenario cards as they sound like magic!
  17. rosie14

    rosie14 New commenter

    I have been using a role play area with my Y4 children this year - we have had a radio station and a time machine. I let one group in the area during guided reading time and give them a specific task to do - eg. this term we have been doing the Tudors and so I have sent the children back to a specific time to act out something we have been learning about so for example being an explorer on a Tudor ship.
    I am feeling a little bit stuck on what to do for role play next term and was wondering where these role play cards are because I need some inspiration. My kids love the role play area and I don't want them to not have one because I cant think of anything!
    Thanks so much.
  18. Hi, I'm a Year 5 teacher and lit co-ordinator who is trying to introduce role play into ks2. I am setting up a garden centre in my own class this term and would really appreciate a look at your scenario cards / any other ideas you have. my e-mail is lizziehill_uk@yahoo.co.uk
    I hope I haven't missed the boat!

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