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Role Play KS2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. You have to go on the creative curriculum group thread started by peecee. Leave your e mail and get an invite to join our group. I've contributed loads today and I'm on holiday! It'd be nice to see other people suggesting ideas, photos and files etc.
  2. I think everyone would agree I've done my fair bit of contributing whether it is on TES, effective learners, via email, freebies on trinity or www.roleplayonline.co.uk

    Will add some bits and bobs to yahoo group today - am not out today so can get things done.
  3. unclefuzz couldnt see the cards where did you file them?
  4. Dont think anyone was saying you hadnt Julia its more about encouraging more people to be active on the yahoo group
  5. I know, I'm just feeling guilty. I've got some things I can add but won't be until later. Planning maths at the moment.
  6. uploaded castles Key Skills success criteria
    and MTP for history
  7. added photos now! ;)
  8. Could I join the group please? I'm teaching my first class in Year 4 next year and would really love to set up some purposeful role play.

  9. Will get the KS2 Role play group up and running properly this week!

    We roleplayed being a river on our playground today, with sound effects
    spring had to jump up and down and say boing
    thalweg was a motorbike and had to go vroom vroom
    erosion was a boxer and had to go bang bang
    the tributary said Can I join too?
    meander said miaow
    sea was a shark
    deposition - deposit man deposit!

    Then we took some rocks (children had to be big shape and kind of spiky) and they travelled down the river siging We will rock you!

    Photos taken! It was fab!
  10. ricjamclick

    ricjamclick New commenter

    Pleased to see this is popular and has made the front page. Drama is so often squeezed out of the curriculum, and its power as a learning tool can be so transformational.

    I nam running an oracy based literacy project at the moment that uses rolep[lay as its basis. Anyone who wants to know more about it is welcome to email me at hotmail.com.
  11. NQT to be

    NQT to be New commenter

    I know someone started a thread about this not long ago but anyone any ideas about how you can create a role play area in a classroom that doesn't have enough room? Would it work to have a sort of portable role play in a box that could be got out and put away? I know this seems a bit rubbish but is there any point in trying it? Would it be better than nothing or would it dilute the value so much that it's not worth it?

    Julia - you're the role play queen, any ideas?
  12. ricjamclick

    ricjamclick New commenter

    Funnily enough, that's exactly how my project works. The children play sitting at tables.
  13. NQT to be

    NQT to be New commenter

    ooh ric, that sounds interesting. I will email you.
  14. When we did Journey to Jo'burg my whole class was the roleplay area - bus stop signs up road signs whites only signs. Whole class drama - photos taken as a visual reminder of the emotions the drama evoked for writing our letters and diaries.

    Wondering if you could use your IWB - a virtual roleplay area?

    If you ahve a reading area, it could be revamped as roleplay area?

    My most simple and space efficient idea is the prop box, had to remove mine this year as my EBD boy used to hit the other children with items during wet lunch!
  15. Really interested in using role play in my year 3/4 class but really need some ideas. anything anyone can send to me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. E-mail fluffsterfluffster@yahoo.co.uk
  16. NQT to be

    NQT to be New commenter

    Thanks. Yes,I wondered about a sort of prop box that could be got in and out. No, there isn't even room for a reading corner, just tables and carpet area.

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