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Role Play KS2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Dazza, do you let the children choose the scenario card they work on, or do you give them one? What would happen if one child wanted to work on a drama, but everyone else was using a writing, or maths card? I have been using a role play area for one term now and it has been great. I have planned it in to match Literacy objectives so far so have given them the tasks to be completed. Your structure seems to give them more freedom, and also means the role play doesn't have to be linked to literacy which I like.
  2. I started by assigning scenarios to groups - until they were able to work independently.
    Some scenarios are linked to that weeks maths or literacy; have also tried to do some Science, History ,Geography and art links as well as Lit / Maths / ICT.
    Sometimes now I will give them a specfic scenario card, other times I allow them to choose. We have some 'Role Play Rules' which mentions what to do if one person wants to do one thing differently - they can combine scenarios or adapt them if they want to. It started off VERY structured and is now becoming much freer. It also depends on how many scenarios I can come up with and how creative I'm feeling!!!
    Hope this helps - feel free to ask anything else if you want to
    dazza d
  3. Thanks Dazza. Sounds very similar to the way I was veering myself. Think I might try a topic based area next and if it links with Literacy the great as it sounds like I will get more freedom in the way it can be used. Now I'm off to think about which topic I would prefer to use, although I still fancy my planned area which was newsroom. I suppose I could link this into any topic area... Off I go!
  4. Let me know what topics or ideas you have - I might have some scenario cards already done that you could have to adapt if you want them.
    dazza d
  5. Have started World War II cards based on your garden centre ones. When I've finished I'll upload them if they are any use. Any ideas would be great.
  6. Just finished Egypt ones. Will upload on to the creative site. Would appreciate feedback and any other ideas.
  7. Egyptian role play scenario cards are brilliant - will use them next year - thanks for uploading them. I'll keep thinking of ideas for others. We could start a business!!
    dazza d
  8. They look great. I will be doing Egyptians myself in the second half of the term. What about a tomb inventory or design? What would they take with them into the after life and why.... An egyptian tour guide - where would they take a visitor and how would they explain life,history and ritual. Was thinking along the lines of craftsmen type activity - life of the normal person - jewellery making/ carpentry etc but can't think of how to adapt this for role play area just yet. Will keep thinking.
  9. this thread is great
  10. I have used both my areas for group work guided maths - then have also used it as an area for whole class teaching and modelling.

    Museum will be slightly different as I am hoping to develop a SEAL element as I think this could be an important way forward. Within museums I shall look at the theme of Relationships and develop scenarios around this.

    Museum will also continue the context for maths, and we will also use the area in history with our Egypt topic.

    At lunchtime I am often found in my room with my year 3 fanclub who come up to play, usually having to be told to go out and play by my yr 5 girls who've come in to play! ;)

    I use the area as a reward and when a new area occurs my EBD boy takes charge with his afternoon TA in organising his sessions with his friendship circle.

    I would have had at least 3 more if I didn't get banned from priniting! ;)
  11. uncle where are you going to post your scenario cards here or yahoo group
  12. Do you know where I can get pictures of different roleplay areas?

    Iwant one!!!!
  13. www.trinityeducational.co.uk

    you can email me personally

    I have a huge collection that I collected for photos on effective learners yahoo group - they're still on there

    I am currently working on an item that you use to structure role play area - husband is good at woodwork but we are in research and development stage.
  14. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    How much space does it take up? I've got just enough room for me and the children and it's strictly one way around the classroom. There is scope next year when if I stay in my current year I will have 5 less children. Not sure that I've got the creative ideas to run one properly though.
  15. Mine is in my wet area around the sink then there's the area under my sentence tree which now becomes the tree of enlightenment - so two areas in my room at the moment! ;)
    Got rid of carpet area as part of preparation for yr 6 - much more room!
  16. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Hmmm. Thinking about next year and healthy eating. I could do something to do with a kitchen or cafe. I've just looked at trinityeducation for inspiration. I know I shouldn't be thinking about next year yet but I always start to at about this time of year.
  17. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    Carpet area!!!
    There's room for the four children who can't see the whiteboard properly to sit on the carpet.
  18. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    I have got lots of windows and a lovely view of the school field and nature area so it's not all bad.
    Just squashed.
  19. wicked witch send me pics of your classroom and I'm sure I could sort it so you had enough room!

  20. Think there are some great ideas on here today

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