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Role Play KS2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. something were looking at on the creative yahoo group. I know its come up here before but want a bit more specific help here. Its one thing to set up an area but in KS1 they often get given free time to play in these areas or even use them during a maths or literacy lesson for an independent group activity. But when it gets to KS2 doesnt it need more direction how do people do this?
  2. something were looking at on the creative yahoo group. I know its come up here before but want a bit more specific help here. Its one thing to set up an area but in KS1 they often get given free time to play in these areas or even use them during a maths or literacy lesson for an independent group activity. But when it gets to KS2 doesnt it need more direction how do people do this?
  3. I have just set up a Victorian classroom (well more like a desk and chalkboard with some display space as space is an issue with 31 large kids!)

    I choose children to sit there during normal lessons where they get to 'experience' how it was like for a Victorian child, although they will have to write on paper. I also have tapes they can listen to whilst listening to their independent work. I will definitely use it in a more directed way during history and particularly Victorian schooling later in the term. Children are encouraged to leave a message saying what they thought it would have been like to be a Victorian child and whether they would have liked it or not.

    Also, it is used as a reward, children loved sitting there as they felt priviledged, behaviour improved greatly in my classroom when they thought they were in with a chance!
  4. thank you for that. I hope people are ok with me saving things from this thread to the Yahoo group as examples of how people use Role play. Reason for creative group is to stay focused as on here threads coem and go so fast
  5. I am the role play queen! My Spanish restaurant has been my favourite but am now moving into Egyptians so going to become a museum! :)
  6. I knew youd not be able to resist. Julia how do you actually use this within lessons though so when you had spanish restuarant how was it used did you plan it in? Also one of posters on group is keenly looking for photos of good display linked to creative curriculum or role play do you have any on your site?
  7. Julia inspired me ages ago to sort out a really good role play area for my Y3 class. So far I've done a shop, Titanic dining area, Tv studio and a castle. This term we've got a garden centre. Each role play area is planned with scenario role play cards as well as maths and/or literacy objectives. Children in groups go out and use scenrio cards to role play different activities as well as to complete the maths or literacy tasks. They are usually the sort of ongoing objectives ( Literacy - instructional writing / letter writing : Numeracy - money / time / measure .. within the context of 4 rules consolidation. It took a while in the first time but now it runs really well. Children are usually independent while they are doing the activities but will then feedback in the plenary. Our Attached Inspector came and observed them without me knowing - she sat with them for about 20 minutes and said they were brilliant. We've also got them involved in planning and designing the role play areas and now they've even started creating their own scenario cards for other groups.
    Really enjoy doing them and the kids are getting really good at applying skills I've taught them in a different context within the role play area.
    Hope this is what you wanted? Happy to offer more ideas if they're wanted.
    dazza d
  8. I did it last year in Y3 for WW2. Made a 40s sitting room complete with fake family - photos, letters (dad was a p.o.w and had written home), 1940s magazines etc. Allowed small groups time for role play which I tried to listen in to (eg when family took in evacuees the children went into the room as the evacuees). Also we sat there for some of the teaching and visitors who came in to to talk about WW2 sat there as well. Haven't been able to achieve it yet this year with a much bigger class and Y5, although I did find some of the girls set up their own Victorian school in wet playtimes, with mini whiteboards instead of slates and the one being the teacher sounding SCARILY like me!
  9. dazza d - I had a problem with the timetabling of this so any advice would be brilliant. Do they go out and do this during the usual lit/num time or at a separate time when the class is working on a different activity?
  10. thanks for these ideas. Dazza youve obviously got it sorted the missing link i think. I think reason so many shy away from role play in ks2 as they cant see how to effectively use it rather than it just looking nice. could you give me an example of what a scenario card would be like and are you ok for me sharing this on yahoo group or maybe youd like to copy this post over there Job 1 thread is role play and it would be good if it didnt always have my name on it.

  11. By linking subjects and objectives together, I managed to free up some curriculum time. Each day after lunch we have a 40 minute slot. I do a guided reading and guided writing slot with 2 groups, 1 group works in the role play area and the others work on a rotation of actvities - spelling actvities / times tables games etc.. I then rotate this over the week. Took a lot of organisation at the start ( 37 in the class and no TA support!) but now it runs quite smoothly and their independence levels are much improved.
    Hope this is helpful - happy to answer any other questions
    dazza d
  12. Thanks bluerose - my job today is to create scenario cards for this terms role play - the Garden Centre ( with display resources kindly sent by julia!) AS soon as they are done - I'll email them to you - if you think they are any good - you can do whatever you want with them. If I get time I'll post on the site too.
    dazza d
  13. thanks Dazza since youre busy if you dont mind im going to share what youve written now to try to inspire someone. Worth popping over there are a couple of good school sites to view plus trying really hard to get teh boring stuff done so all infrastructure is there
  14. HI Dazza,

    If you don't mind could you send me your scenario cards, would love to see the type of things you put. I really want to push our juniors to have role play areas, just managed to get all of Key stage 1 having a role play area each maybe would be encouraged if showed them your ideas.
  15. Thanks Dazza, it's beginning to fall into place! I think I could have another go at this now.
  16. Thanks bluerose - I'll def pop in there later. Baxter - will send scenario cards once I've completed them for this term - linked to Garden Centre role play.
    Teaplease - glad to help - let me know if there is anything more I can do - good luck
    dazza d
  17. Dazza think youve now become hero of role play section on yahoo group watch out could become god status :) seriously its sometimes just having it explained clearly how someone fits things in that makes final place click
  18. * blushes and hides face away!
    Thanks bluerose - glad to be able to help. Just finished first batch of scenario cards - do you want me to email them to you. I'll try and upload them onto the site as well ( if I can remmeber how to do it!)
    Hope you like them!!
    dazza d
  19. teaplease - you have mail
    dazza d

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