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Role Play in Year 2.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by thfc125, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. How many of you who teach Year 2 have a role play area in their class?

    I was in Year 2 this year and didnt have one.In Year 2 again this year and dont think my HT would be too impressed if I put a role play area in my room.

    If you do have one how do you use it and what sort of role play do you do?
  2. How many of you who teach Year 2 have a role play area in their class?

    I was in Year 2 this year and didnt have one.In Year 2 again this year and dont think my HT would be too impressed if I put a role play area in my room.

    If you do have one how do you use it and what sort of role play do you do?
  3. I'm starting in yr 2 this September and would also like a role play area, but not sure what to do in it.
  4. To convince your HT you may need to make sure you have structured scenarios with very clear learning objectives. We have role play up to Y5. If you can get some writing outcome from it, you could show the role play directly affects learning. I have role play now in Y3 and really love it. It is difficult getting children to use the scenarios though so now I think I need to keep them quite small so that they can easily complete something.
  5. Sound advice redrobin as you know im encouraging it across all school but know well need careful training of pupils to use the areas well in independent time. Think scenario cards are a great idea but as you say will need to be tailored to ability of group and will need training.
  6. thefairyteacher

    thefairyteacher New commenter

    I'm starting in a Year 2 class and hoped to put a role play area in and luckily the HT when I mentioned it, was very pleased. Didn't give me any guidance though but I think as long as I give many writing opportunities and hit the relevant LOs, it'll be fine. Hope your HT will give it the nod.
  7. teeny8

    teeny8 New commenter

    I'm in Y2 and I always have a role play area in my class, as well as a construction area, writing table and creative area.
    This year we've had a tudor house linked to the Great Fire of London, a theatre, a garden centre and a space rocket.
    I'm really looking forward to developing more next year and so are the children.
  8. I'm in Year 2 and always have a role play area, this year we have had an aeroplane, a campsite, the X Factor, a cinema. Its great the kids love it and it is great for speaking and listening as well as writing, they are still only little!
  9. enjoyteach

    enjoyteach New commenter

    I've just finsished 2 years in year 2 but have had role play in my room. I think it is essential and when any of the older children come into the room the first thing they do is head for the role play!

    I have had the following:

    Village shop and post office linked to Katie Morag.

    Hospital linked to Florence Nightingale.

    Bakers shop linked to Great Fire of
    Garden Centre linked to Plants and animals in local environment.

    Healthy Eating Cafe linked to Health and Growth topic in science.

    Beach Cafe or souvenir shop linked to the seaside.

    Let me know if you want any more ideas with regard to specific activities to have in the areas.
  10. This year I'm teaching a yr2/3 class and want to have a role play area in my new classroom. Dont know if this is a daft question, but what sort of activities do you have in your role play area?
  11. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    enjoyteach- please could you send me some examples of your planning where you have planned for specific activities in the role play area. This is something that I am very keen to develop this year and my head is very keen but he wants to see exactly how it will fit in with my objectives and planning.
  12. enjoyteach

    enjoyteach New commenter

    Hi Helskie 26,

    I am sorry but I don't have specific examples of planning that are recorded for me to send you. My previous head, I am about to start a new job, was of the mindset that it was better to spend time preparing resources and focusing on teaching than planning. As she had such an excellent team of teachers she could trust us to do that! We had a variety of cross curricular activities related to a topic going on in the role play areas.

    For example the healthy eating cafe:

    Maths link: Adding up items from the menu (prices linked to the needs of the class, can have 2 different menus for differentiation.Word problems related to the cafe to solve. Capacity investigations, which container will hold the most drink? How many times to you need to fill it to make 1 litre?

    English link: Writing out a menu, a recount of visit to the cafe, designing a flyer or poster to come to the cafe. Phonics links could be investigating letter sounds/phonemes etc that begin with or contain phonic patterns of objects found in the cafe. Variety of speaking and listening objectives.

    Science Link: What are the different food types for health, growth, energy etc... Sort the foods activities. Design a healthy meal/drink.

    Art link: Design a menu, still life drawing of fruit or other objects.

    D.T Chopping and food hygiene.

    Do you get the idea? You can cover lots of objectives in a fun way these are not just links with no real focus, they are all year 2 objectives. So many opportunities for you to enhance the curriculum and make it more enjoyable for the children. I don't understand why headteachers would be against it.
  13. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    Enjoy tecah- those ideas are fab and will definetely help me a lot! Thank you very much! Could I be cheeky and ask for some ideas for the hospital and the Baker's shop because these will be my topics in the autumn term.
  14. enjoyteach: I am hoping to have a role play area linked to Islands & Katie Morag. Can I ask what kind of things you did/included in your role play area? Thanks
  15. KMD


    These ideas are great - I'm determined to have a role play area in my room somehow this coming year and these have given me some hints as to how I might make it work - space rather than desire is the issue for me!
  16. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

  17. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    How do people set up their role play area? What sort of equipment do I need? Also my room is very small, not sure how/where i'd fit it in. Who goes in your area & when? Thanks for any replies.
  18. helskie26

    helskie26 New commenter

    Thought I would revive this thread and see if we can get some more ideas!!
  19. Enjoyed this thread although I will be in Year 3. I am thinking of having a museum role play area (just a small one!) but am preparing myself for the Heads question 'What impact will it have on the children's learning?' so some of the responses here have really helped, thanks.

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