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Role play area and comfy reading area

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rainbowdrop86, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    How can i have both in my yr2 classroom? Really limited for space, wondering if i could use my carpet area somehow to also include my reading area, maybe curtaining off a corner of it?
    any ideas?
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I use the back of the carpet area as the reading corner.

    So the carpet area is a rectangle with the short sides at the front (smartboard is there) and back (reading corner is there).

    Just marked with low book shelves either side. Those first into class get the comfy cushions and blankets, the next first get to lean on the wall at the back.

    But that is this year with year 6. Next year with year two I'm hoping to be more creative and have a role play as well...somewhere, somehow!
  3. I didn't think I could fit both in, as I have a small classroom too, but I jiggled things around and managed. The role play area isn't big, but just about works. I fit a tuff spot across two tray cabinets and that squeezes in too.
    However, I have completely changed the set up of my classroom towards the end of the year to create more space. I used to have 10 tables in pairs back to back dotted around the room to give me my five mixed ability groups. However, I got annoyed at having to keep pushing the tables back to do drama etc. I now have more of a n shape, but with gaps at the top and one table back to back at back which I use for guided reading etc. This has created so much more room for them to sit during input and do lots of active things in the centre of the room.
    I want more room for a better role play area and book corner though so I have decided to take drastic action and get rid of the children's trays, as they are just full of rubbish. I have ordered a compact deep tray unit with six trays to use instead. Each tray is in the colour of their reading group. They will put their bookbags in the relevant deep tray.
    Doing this should enable me to get rid of two of my five big tray units, hopefully giving more room for the book corner and role play area. I am then moving these spare cabinets into the annex and will keep some of the books from the book corner in there, so I can rotate books in and out of the book corner, as it has too many books in it at any one time. We also keep the reading scheme books in our rooms which isn't really necessary either, so I am also moving these to go on top of the units I am putting along the wall in the annex.
    Do you have any furniture taking up a lot of room that you could get rid of? I was surprised at what I have in my room that doesn't really need to be in there.
  4. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    thanks for ur reply, i have decided to follow suit and get rid of childrens trays. I am also getting rid of teachers desk, filing cabinets and a horrible wooden table bench at the back. The whole room is being carpeted, so im able to extend my carpet area to include a reading area, and put my role play area in a seperate place. Really excited now!!!
  5. We are lucky, every classrom has a wooden, with windows and doorway (no roof) rolepaly area AND a reading corner, something the new Head insisted on when she came, the rooms didn't increase in size, just better use of the space.
  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    This is definitely they key, as well as not having unnecessary furniture.

    All year I have been told I have the largest of what I think are four identical classrooms. The other three teachers swear mine is larger. We measured today and I am right, mine is no bigger just the space is used effectively. (Some of this is down to me and some good fortune in terms of fire exit placement and the like.)
  7. Good for you using the space you have..if one group is in the roleplay area, thats one less lots of tables needed, as during most of our lessons there is nealry always one group in the roleplay, another biggy the Head insists on, right through to y6
    (The last y6 roleplay was actually a fairground!)
  8. I am considering getting rid of my trays, but my TA is against it. I was thinking of using deep trays for reading packets, and having a folder in a box on her table for things like newsletters etc. to go in.I am really limited as to what I can have by position of IWB, toy shelving and useless cupboards!
  9. One thing I've seen used instead of children's trays (particularly in places like nurserys for going-home stuff like letters and the random hairbobbles and things the kids like to shed during the day) was those flat shoe hangers you get with the pockets on a sheet of fabric... kids' names stapled for a pocket each, hanger hung onto the wall and anything going-homey or belonging to the kid gets folded in half and put in them.
    Might be a useful idea for someone?
  10. Oh I love the shoe hanger idea! I had never ever thought about the nonsense of having trays before till now. Our kids bring a bag to school and they put their reading books straight into a deep tray anyway. We save letters till home time so really why bother having trays???? It would free up so much room, genius!
  11. We only have sets of trays to keep resources in, kids aren't allowed to bring in toys, unless its for show and tell and then they keep them in their own bags until show and tell time, letters are given out whilst they line up to go home. Clutter is a defo no no in our school and the Head makes sure of it during her frequent 'learning walks'.'tidy school, tidy kids' and all that!

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