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Role of staff governor

Discussion in 'Governors' started by munroliz04, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. munroliz04

    munroliz04 New commenter


    I'm a new staff governor having taken on this role in September. I'm attending the meetings but am finding that I'm unable to participate because I don't have a specific role to play on the governing body - particularly given that I'm not an advocate for the staff body. I'd like really some ideas of projects that I could propose to the Chair of Governors which I could lead and which would allow me to participate more fully in the meetings? I'm really not feeling very inspired.....
  2. Tkapb

    Tkapb New commenter


    I work for a big federation of primaries and some of the things governors and associates across our schools have looked at recently are:
    - school lunches – it turned out the kids liked them, it was the adults who didn’t;
    - staff wellbeing;
    - collective worship;
    - specific parts of the curriculum;
    - attendance;
    - parental engagement.

    If there’s something that really interests you, you could offer to become a link governor for that area.

    If you have committees, you should be able to sit on one of them and the work on that may give you some ideas. If you’re not on a committee, ask to join in September.

    We ask a governor to provide input whenever a policy is being reviewed, which can be quite a lot of work on a big policy like RHSE. If you speak to whoever does your board workplan they should know what policies are coming up for review over the next year.

    Finally, if your chair's any good, they should have some ideas of things that need governor input. If a governor approached me (as governance manager) for ideas I'd have no trouble suggesting things for them to do or people to talk to! I'm always after volunteers.

    I hope that’s helpful.
  3. Skeoch

    Skeoch Star commenter

    Lots of guidance via the NGA
  4. munroliz04

    munroliz04 New commenter


    I suppose the issue is that in my school we haven't had staff governors for a while so all the committees etc have roles already assigned and people leading on them.... I'm trying to find a niche to fit in and it's tricky because I know that as a member of staff there are many things I can't do due to a conflict of interests.....

    If you have any further ideas that would be great...
  5. sooooexcited

    sooooexcited Established commenter

    I have attended governors' meetings at all the schools I've worked in and am a parent governor at another school.

    In every scenario, the staff governors just attend and sit quietly.

    Unfortunately I have never seen an effective use of a staff member during a governor meeting unless they were giving an update about the area they lead.

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