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role of head of year

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by Katharinew, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. could anyone give me an outline of what the role of head of year is.
    I have always looked at progressing in my subject, but mow I am looking at the idea of the pastoral route.
  2. could anyone give me an outline of what the role of head of year is.
    I have always looked at progressing in my subject, but mow I am looking at the idea of the pastoral route.
  3. cheesypop

    cheesypop Senior commenter

    now that TLR's are in place, and with the Every Child Matters agenda, the role of the head of year has changed somewhat. they are now more responsible for overviewing teaching and learning within a year group, and presumably intervening if things are going wrong. this makes a nice change from being the person who shouts when people haven't got their ties on and are wearing trainers! in practice, obviously, behaviour affects the learning of both the individual and others around them, as do personal issues, so the pastoral part of the role is still there. if you are applying for one of these jobs read the job spec and these kind of things should be mentioned.
  4. Thank you, that is really helpful.

    I am thinking of applying for a head of year post internally at my school. It is temp to cover maternity leave. There is no job description.
    I thought this could be a good opportunity for me to taste the role-If you know what I mean.
    Does anyone have any advice?
  5. WD

    WD New commenter

    The other aspect is the development of Student Voice as well, particularly as a lot of schools have embraced Hargreaves work on gateways to deep learning.

    Be focused-I took on a temp HoY role, and at interview gave a very focused idea of what I was going to do in the role that term. One good idea I share is to have each tutor group making a scrapbook up with a couple of pages based around each weeks 'Thought for the Week' or however your school dos that type of thing.
  6. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    There is no job description?? How strange.

    Perhaps you should write one and suggest it to the HT.

    Is this any use??


    Year Leader Job Description

    Post: Year Leader.
    Pay Scale: ????
    Responsible to: Headteacher.
    Job purpose: To promote, direct and oversee high standards of teaching and learning, pupil achievement and progression in a Year Group within a Key Stage and effective transition to or from other schools.
    Responsible for: Form Tutors in Year ???.

    The duties outlined in this job description are in addition to those covered by the most recent School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document. It may be modified by the Headteacher, after discussion with you, to reflect or anticipate changes in the job, commensurate with the salary and job title.

    In cooperation with, and under the direction of, the Headteacher to:

    Strategic direction and development:
    1. Support the vision, ethos and policies of the School which secure effective teaching, successful learning and promote high levels of achievement and self-esteem for all pupils irrespective of background, ethnicity, gender or disability,
    2. Help lead and manage the creation and implementation of the school strategic plan which identifies priorities and targets for ensuring pupils achieve high standards and make progress, increasing teachers' effectiveness and securing school improvement and to take responsibility for appropriately delegated aspects of it;
    3. Support the evaluation of the effectiveness of the School's policies and developments and analyse their impact on pupils in the Year Group;
    4. Ensure the effective and proficient use of pupil data from a variety of sources, both internal and external, in the process of target setting;
    5. Raise standards of individual pupil achievement and ensure that good attainment is maintained by providing a model of high quality teaching;
    6. Ensure that parents are well informed about the curriculum, targets, individual pupils' progress and achievement as well as attainment in the Year Group as a whole;
    7. Develop and maintain good relationships with parents, outside agencies and the local community.

    Staff Management:
    1. Lead a team of Form Tutors and any attached ancillary staff;
    2. Take an active part in the performance management of staff;
    3. Monitor, assess and develop the roles of the Form Tutors and any attached ancillary staff;
    4. Update Form Tutors and any attached ancillary staff of changes to school policy;
    5. Ensure that Form Tutors run their tutor group sessions effectively;
    6. Be involved in decision making and policy development across the School;
    7. Support the professional development of Form Tutors and others.

    Pupil Progress:
    1. Manage pupil review processes and procedures in the Year Group;
    2. Monitor the progress of individual pupils;
    3. meet regularly with the other Year Leaders and Curriculum Coordinators as appropriate;
    4. Coordinate Half-Year Profiles and End of Year Reports of pupils in the Year Group;
    5. Take part in and help organise parents' consultation evenings;
    6. Liaise with other schools to arrange pupil transfers and placements.

    Pupil Behaviour:
    1. Monitor attendance and punctuality;
    2. Keep reports of pupil attendance and behaviour and discuss these regularly with the Deputy Head and Headteacher as appropriate;
    3. Support Form Tutors and Subject Teachers in the maintenance of good pupil behaviour and discipline;
    4. Make contact with parents to discuss pupil behaviour;
    5. Liaise with outside agencies.

    Pupil Guidance and Support:
    1. Get to know all pupils in the Year Group as well as possible;
    2. Keep in contact with parents of pupils in the Year Group;
    3. Take steps to prevent bullying and racial abuse and support victims of bullying.

    Maintenance of Professional Standards:
    1. Keep yourself fully appraised and aware of educational and other appropriate developments whether national or local, and assess their impact on the School, the Year group and the Team for which you are responsible;
    2. Ensure the highest standards of professional conduct and confidentiality at all times, and in particular when with other staff of the School;
    3. Ensure the development and maintenance of a team culture that enables all members of the Leadership Team to be effective in their respective roles;
    4. Ensure the development and maintenance of a collaborative culture which demonstrates loyalty and integrity towards school leaders.

    1. Arrange and promote activities within the Year Group;
    2. Prepare and hold joint Key Stage and/or Year Group assemblies;
    3. Take an active part in the planning, arrangement and execution of whole-school productions, concerts, shows, etc.

    Other Duties and Responsibilities:
    To undertake any other reasonable professional task as directed by the Headteacher.

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  7. What are people feelings on non teachers been HOY (Year Managers). The school I am possibly going to have YM?s in place. They seem to be making a difference. I wondered does anyone have any experience of YM?s and what advantages, disadvantages?????????????? Thanks
  8. I went on a course last week on pastoral management. Only 3/16 were teachers. The course leader said there was no future in pastoral roles for teachers and I came away thinking that he was absoluely right...just look in the tes. As a teacher with only 1 free period allocated to the role it is impossible to do the job to the same extent as non-teachers - they really are doing fabulous things. It is really disappointing and frustrating for teachers in pastoral roles that want to make an even bigger difference to more students. The good schools value their pastoral system and see that it makes a massive difference -it is a shame for those that cannot see it. Altho' i sadly could be talking myself out of my own role here I feel that this needs to be non teaching position.
  9. Hi,

    i was assistant head of years 8/8 at my last school and have just been asked to do materinity cover of head of year 10/11 at my current school.

    I really think it is very much dependent on the school. some schools it is very much a pastoal role, others more about academic etc... some a mix of both.

    The HOY i worked with did a lot of more serious pastrol things, as well as academically tracking and dealing with those falling out the bottom, general concerns of parents tended to go to HOY ad they were responsible for passing these on and feedbacking to parents, organised and had meetings with form tutor team for the year group and was informed of any issues...there was the whole inforcing uniform rules, taking year group assembly and being the key person in charge of every child in that year.

    I absolutely love this role but do really think it is depending on the school as to what your role includes.

    Hope this helps!
  10. Having just read luki1's post I must say I agree the future looks more like a lot of schools will be moving away from pastrol the way it is and have non-teaching pastrol staff.

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