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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Goldilocks27, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. DA1


    I can't believe it...I GOT IN!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!

  2. DA1


    The best of luck to you at London Met Simone - that was my next choice it seems really nice.

    Thank you so much to everyone on here who helped me I'm so grateful - if anyone wants to meet for a drink, please let me buy you one!
  3. well done for getting in :D. I'm also going to be at roehampton so I look forward to meeting you soon. I can't believe it's only 5 months away.
  4. yay! well done!
  5. Just came on here and read this thread for the first time with my heart in my mouth! So glad to get to the end and find you got in. WELL DONE! Celebrate!
  6. mantilla

    mantilla New commenter

    Well done DA1, I'm really happy to hear that you got in!

    If you have any questions before the course starts that I might be able to help with (or if anyone else does who's going to Roehampton) then let me know.
  7. Hi DA1

    I've just read your post and wanted to drop you a line. I have a PGCE interview at Roehampton next Wednesday and would be very grateful if you could tell me more about what you had to do, what the writing task involved and what they asked you etc.

    Hope yours went well.


  8. Ha, just realised I hadn't read all the posts....you got in, yay! I'll hopefully see you in September!
  9. hey ann, I did my interview in january and I had to read a child's piece of writing and correct it, and also write an essay. 200 words was the limit anything over that we were told would not be marked. there was a tour of the campus (which I thought wasn't very interesting as it was an undergraduate giving the tour and saying things like "um yeah here's where we have out summer ball, but i guess as graduate students you might not come to it, but i do recommend it"...I did feel a graduate student would have been able to talk better about our life there)..um and a we also had a presentation. which was a nice insight into how the course would work.

    then the interview itself. my interviewer was lovely, she really made me feel relaxed and the questions she asked weren't designed to trick me out. I was able to relate my experience to the answers and tie in my capabilities etc. MFL did come up but as i had spent 3 years teaching EFL i was able to explain how that idea didn't worry me and i felt strongly that MFL is important in this day and age.

    I left feeling confidant and with a big smile on my face. a week later i was offered an unconditional offer. all in all i found the day to be a great day, and now i'm very excited to start in september :).

    hope this helps, good luck in the interview and let us know how it went :D.
  10. aw congratulations DA1!! I just read this thread with baited breath, so so glad you got in!
    Also going to Roehampton in Sept to do my Primary PGCE, so see you there, I did my BA at Roe and it is a great uni!
    Does anyone know what they are doing about accommodation yet? I really want to live with other PGCE students but halls seem to be so expensive, what are others doing?
  11. hey shotokai, thanks for the great advice. Had my interview yesterday and found out today that I've been accepted. woohoo! Roll on September!
  12. basilanderea

    basilanderea New commenter

    Please, can you tell me what was your written task about?
  13. basilanderea

    basilanderea New commenter

  14. basilanderea

    basilanderea New commenter

    Good luck, please I have the same issue, can you help me and give me information about written task
  15. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    The original posting was 2008 so the advice is not likely to help- unless anyone has an update of course. You may be better off starting a new thread.

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