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Rockschool music level 2 v Vcert music tech and progress 8 URGENT ADVICE

Discussion in 'Music' started by kizyjazy17, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. kizyjazy17

    kizyjazy17 New commenter

    Please could somebody help. Have the Rockschool music courses been approved for progress 8? I am struggling to find a list with clear advice. I know Vcerts have but not convinced about this course. Starting a course in Sept with year 9 and unsure which to go with. There is also new Btec music practice award. Am looking for some knowledgeable advice
    Many thanks
  2. Roando

    Roando New commenter

    I've asked our exams officer to find that out this week - with a view to moving perhaps from VCert. The P8 link is the deal-breaker isn't it.
    Considering using Rockschool Music Production grades (but like all graded music exams only grades 6 and above contribute to schools' performance data).
  3. kizyjazy17

    kizyjazy17 New commenter

    Thank you for this. How long have you taught the VCert for? Is it Music technology? My senior link is adamant that this is a really easy course and she wants me to teach it, but doesn't look as fun as others. What is your opinion on it? It looks as though I'm going to have to teach it, so wonder if you could point me in direction of good resources/SoW and some good advice to get started. I am starting the course in year 9.

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