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Rockschool Level 2 instead of GCSE/BTEC

Discussion in 'Music' started by misssmusic, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. misssmusic

    misssmusic New commenter


    Has anyone got experience of the Rockschool Level 2 course? My school are looking for an alternative to GCSE Music and this has been mentioned, along with BTEC Music. From what I can see, a lot of pupil struggle with the BTEC Unit 1 exam?

    Our pupils are good performers (mainly guitarists/vocalists) but not so great at the theory side of things and set work/ essay writing etc

    The only issue I ahve with Rockschool is that it may alienate the few pupils we have that play orchestral instruments? Are they suitable for flute players etc?

    Would love to hear peoples thoughts on the Rockschool Level 2 course

  2. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    No experience of Rockschool, but do keep in mind that GCSE results are important in the calculation of offers for university entrance and for acceptance on A-level courses (in all subjects). This will be even more the case in the future as AS will soon no longer be part of A-level and therefore taken by very few.
  3. cate50

    cate50 New commenter

    I have inherited a Rockschool course and, whilst it is great fun, the biggest issues are:

    1) It is hard to incorporate all instrumentalists
    2) there are very few resources out there
    3) the guidance from Rockschool is quite vague as are the criteria and with no exemplar materials you are left wondering if what you are doing is actually correct.
    4) you need to make sure you are doing the Certificate not just the award!! One isn't counted in progress 8 and recognized as a GCSE equivalent the other is!

    The kids enjoy it and it has huge benefits for those boys who might not take a straight GCSE in Music.

    Hope this helps?

  4. ambershift

    ambershift New commenter

    I agree with the above comment

    I work in an SEBD school and have ran RockSchool as the main qualification for 4 years- its great for pupil confidence in a rock and pop setting.

    I enter pupils at level 1 in year 10 and then pupils in year 11 do level 2

    I dont think it lends itself to individual orchestral music but i guess it could be adapted, particularly in an ensemble.

  5. singstarcool

    singstarcool New commenter

    Is there anyone in Somerset area that does the RSL Music Practitioner awards? I have been told to find an alternative to GCSE Music for my students who are more popular music based .
  6. Mistyiles73

    Mistyiles73 New commenter

    No we don't here but I think that Great Torrington School do in North Devon?

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