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Rock Choir Wembley performance

Discussion in 'Personal' started by chocolate_cupcake, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    Were any of you at the Rock Choir Wembley performance today?
    If you were, well done for making it such a brilliant day, I loved every minute of it! x
  2. I'm not a member but Neil my husband is. He had a brilliant time, pics look good. Like the missing person touch. Well done
  3. Yes I was there with 2 other teachers from my school, and yes it was brilliant - we really enjoyed it.
  4. There are at least 6 teachers in our small year 1 choir - we were all rocking at Wembly today!

  5. It was fab wasn't it. I really loved doing 'Don't let the sun....' with The Soldiers. Was your husband with Tom's surprise men's choir gerrym? I thought they were great too. And that teenager....Rachel, I think who sang the solo, wow, what a voice!
  6. Totally agree ! An absolutely fantastic experience. Can't stop singing , the tunes are buzzing in my brain still !
  7. Lots of good videos on YouTube! Something Inside So Strong sounds amazing!!

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