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Robot assembly

Discussion in 'Primary' started by annadz, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Out of the Ark Music have a song about a Robot in the My World Series - from the book Toys & Games - not sure if it's the right age group for you though.
  2. hi... A fun game I have played with kids groups for years... it might be useful.

    Explain to chn that going to make a class machines... or a robot factory if you prefer. Get kids in gps of about 5-7
    Choose a confident child to make a machine action... you need to model this as a simple, jerky, mechanical... and most importantly rhythmic action that sticks to the same beat.
    Child 2 has to fit into this action... and with the same rhythm. BUT not touching.
    Then child 3 ... etc. etc.. till all chn a different part.
    Aim is to make the most imaginitive interlocking "machine" that looks like it is whirring and moving.
    Once each group has practised their robot/machine... get them to stop... and make it again. Then...all grps watch the different machines. Chn will get different ideas.

    You can then make a massive whole class machine. Maybe you could work it up into a robot dance... using robotic music... and have your robots marching on to form a massive robot machine for assembly.

  3. Hi

    Can I pinch your ideas for your robot class assembly? Please send me anything you have as I currently have a year 4 class who will be doing their class assembly on Robots the second week back after Easter!
    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

  4. Hi,
    Did you manage to find any ideas for your robot class assembly? I am really struggling with ideas for my assembly next week. If you did find anything and would be happy to pass it on I would really appreciate it. My email add is cbeesley@live.co.uk

    Many Thanks

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