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Robert Owen Consortium

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by PeGA, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Gather no one has trained through the group / consortium?
  2. hi,

    i had a phone call yesterday regarding their gtp, could you give me info about the interview process??

    Thanks in advance

  3. I have various NGB awards level 1 and level 2 (Up to 8) and my Level 2 gym Instructor award, alongside 3 years experience as a cover supervisor in a secondary school.
    The Robert Owen Consortium have also asked for a reference from the supporting school and reference from current employer. I understand they are currently shortlisting primary candidates, than priority secondary subjects and than non priority subjects. We could be looking at a few weeks yet. Since the consortium recruits in various areas in the UK, i expect a high number applicants for each subject. Therefore i doubt every applicant will get an interview? [​IMG]
    I'm waiting nervously as well, since all other GTP PE providers and PGCE PE places are now full due to the cutbacks.
  4. It seems like whoever has got a place on this years course will have done very well, be that a PGCE or GTP, with which ever training provider.
    Wish you the best of luck, and if you dont get a place keep on trying as thats going to be exaxctly what i will be doing.
  5. Seriously? They have said the same thing to me for the last three weeks . I think they are holding out til they hear about the funding. Hvaing said that, i knwo they did one wave of interviews in January ( not sure if primary or secondary). However they had my application end of Jan and only requested my references from my referees one and half week ago so guess it is slow.
    Also been told that this year is record no of applicants for primary for Robert Owen so fingers crossed. Have now got interview at Chester Uni also - next friday V nervous
  6. im wondering if anyone else is facing the same dilemma i am....im finding it difficult to find a supporting school for a GTP in business studies.

    Many school either dont reply or say they are not able to take on a gtp in this subect for sept 2011.

    Please feel free to advise me
  7. All i can say is keep asking around, i only found of this GTP in PE from asking when i was at the school delivering a coaching sessionto some CSLA Students.
    You may find like myself, even with a supporting school nothing is a 100% confirmed, i have had references and supporting statements sent, yet i have been told it will be after easter now maybe later in May before i know if i have an interview to get a place on the training providers course. The school are looking to get me on the timetable straight away but cannot do anything yet :(
  8. humes

    humes New commenter

    I've got an interview next week with the ROC for primary. So guessing Secondary interviews cant be that far behind. I know they're really behind for some reason, the only reason i have found out is because my mentor has been ringing up. They've emailed me all the forms i need to fill in (which is a task in its self), as they didnt have enough time to post them.
    Does anyone have any idea of the interview process, i know theres a short essay test before my interview....not really much of a clue about what it's on though...any ideas???
    Would appreciate any advise...x

  9. Hi, i too have applied and heard nothing until about 2 weeks ago when they requested references so also hoping for interview and am thinking of calling them monday, I do know of someone who is currently doing the GTP with them so will try to get some info from them and let u know. Did an interview at Chester Uni yesterday and it was pretty tough so hoping to get one at Robert Owen
  10. Hi
    spoke to Robert Owen today and they told me we will receive a letter by the end of the week. Hopefully that will be true!!

  11. When I spoke to the consortium last week they said towards end of April however they interview primary then shortage subjects. Last year the school who are supporting me had a gtp interviewed in July by the consortium. So fingers crossed it does not take that long
  12. Just spoke to someone this afternoon, interview dates and times have been sorted and letters will go out by the end of this week (Secondary PE GTP). I expect they had a high number of applicants for this subject, its a very nervous wait!
    Good luck all!
  13. Hi,

    hope the interview went well? I completed my Primary GTP with ROC last year. Any questions you might have, please ask.

  14. Not had the interview just yet, waiting to find out if we've been shortlisted for interview?
    Did you receive a letter when you had the interview or a phone call?
    Whats the interview procedure like?
  15. [​IMG] Unsuccessful again! No real feedback other than its a very heavily subscribed subject.
    Only hope is if anyone drops out, very unlikely in the current climate.
  16. humes

    humes New commenter

    My interview went really well and i was offered a place .
    If you havent had your interview yet: before your interview you have to write a short essay; this is to check your level of spelling and grammer. The Qion was something like 'What factors need to be considered when teaching your chosen subject to your chosen age range'.
    In my interview they just asked me qions that were in one of the booklets you have to fill in before the interview.

    Hope this helps,

    Good luck.
  17. Hi,

    I have an interview for the same course in a few days. Could you give me any clues to what the essay question might be? They said I've got to complete it in the hour before my interview.
    Any ideas would be so helpful,
    Sian (sian_symons@hotmail.com)
  18. Hi did you have any luck? I am also starting in September and have only recently been told that I must spend a week there in sep and possibly the week after. I have tried unsuccessfully to find out how often we are expected to be in Hereford. Do you know? thanks Sally

  19. When I completed my GTP/PGCE Primary in 2010, we did not go to the Robert Owen HQ at all. The course consisted of about 4 x 2/3 day residentials which were held at the Holiday Inn hotel in Gloucester. The Robert Owen paid for the accomodation and meals but not alcohol :D

    You then have observations by your ROC mentor once a term I think, and as I mentioned on an earlier post, my ROC mentor was brilliant- great person and quality support/advice. My school mentor was also exceptional and I am pretty certain that if these 2 people tick the boxes, and you have the potential- you will be fine.

    All the best

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