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rme time allocation

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by MilkyBar Kid, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. MilkyBar Kid

    MilkyBar Kid Occasional commenter

    No there's not, though to be honest I wonder how many schools actually meet the current recommended RME time allocation in Scotland? With the financial contraints RME is at the bottom of the pile in terms of priorities, it's being phased out in our Senior School and I suspect we're not alone. Management will simply take the flak from HMIE claiming that "it's a luxury we can't afford". As happened in Ayrshire I can see it eventually getting merged with PSHE. Doesn't look too good to be teaching RME in Scotland!
  2. Only one school in North Ayrshire. :)
    I think things are not looking good for RE in light of a curriculum for excellence. The old standard circular which protected us and specified the time we were entitled to is being replaced with a letter. I have heard there will be no time specified in the letter. What worries me is that we have the same number of Es and Os as Maths but nowhere near the time to complete them.
  3. cheers
    not many!
    letter came out yesterday
    ta john
  4. There are no time allocations in CFE for any subject areas, are there? Though the number of outcomes and experiences would suggest the writers must have had a time in mind!
    On a brighter note, my school has brought in core RME in S5/6 (never enough time though)

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