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RME and A Curriculum for Excellence

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by dragon5, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. I am worried about what will happen to RME with the introduction of A Curriculum for Excellence. Am I worrying unnecessarily?
    If a school can only offer five subjects in S4-S6 will that mean National 4 and 5 RMPS is at risk? In most schools S3-S4 Certificate RS is one of the smaller subjects if it exists at all. I can’t see many pupils picking our subject when the number of choices are being cut.
    If S4 is being put into the senior level along with S5/S6 does that mean Core RE for pupils above S3 will disappear? I know we have a statuary place in the curriculum for pupils 3-18 but very few non denominational schools meet this statuary requirement. Many schools currently have one period of RE a week for S1-S4 and then very little in S5-S6. Will this be extended to include S4?
    Will RME be reduced significantly with the introduction of A Curriculum for Excellence?

  2. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    That will depend on the individual school since (I think) the requirement for ANY core subject is abandoned by CfE. The arithmetic speaks for itsel: if 8 subjects is reduced to 5, it will not be simply RMPS which is threatened.

    SSTA is seeking assurances from local authorities to prevent this outcome and may go to a ballot on industrial action in LAs which cannot give said assurances.
  3. Take heart, curriculum for excellence is eight subject areas and 3-18 which means that a school which drops rme in the senior phase is not delivering a curriculum for excellence. There is some new statutory advice for schools and this advice includes rme. Also, I have a parent who objects to her child being taught about Sikh morality and is trying to withdraw her child from core - my school is resisting because they would then not be meeting their statutory obligation to that child to experidnce a curriculum for excellence. Please dont give up and go down the teaching philosophy route because it's 'sexier'. Stick with rme, its hard to be respected for it but it's a great subject.

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