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Rivers Fieldwork Equipment

Discussion in 'Geography' started by paul0803, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. paul0803

    paul0803 New commenter

    Hello fellow Geographers,

    I am looking at buying a flow meter to conduct some river fieldwork but struggling to find anywhere other than Geopacks. Due to the cost I need to have at least three different quotes. Does anyone know what other companies that sell Flow meters?

    Many thanks,

  2. amgeog

    amgeog New commenter

    Hi Paul,
    I work at a field centre where we measure river velocity on a near daily basis. At all the centres I have worked at we have found flow meters to be unreliable, frequently breaking if coming in contact with water and near impossible to fix.
    However I would definitely recommend hydroprops and impellers, they work on the same principle as a flow meter but instead of being electoric you measure the time the impeller takes to travel the length of the rod and convert it to a velocity using the graph provided. They work almost every time and any problems can be fixed with pliers and some WD40. Students find them easy to use and almost enjoy watching it race to the end.
    They can be bought at Owens and Boys Field Study Products and come for £80 so cheaper than most flow meters.
    Hope that helps a little

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