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River Nile boat cruise

Discussion in 'Personal' started by juztop, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Anybody here ever done one? Am looking to book a last minute deal for next week but not sure what to expect. Loads of mosquitoes? Disappointment??? Thanks
  2. Anybody here ever done one? Am looking to book a last minute deal for next week but not sure what to expect. Loads of mosquitoes? Disappointment??? Thanks
  3. angiebabe

    angiebabe New commenter

    Looked at this myself last year but did some research. Check out the temperatures!!!! Go on Trip advisor too. I think this type of holiday is best in the autumn winter time.
  4. My parents just been on one. Loved it. Weren't sure what to expect but came back pleasantly surprised!
  5. my parents go every year (~50) and love it. They go to Egypt for 3 weeks, one of which is spent on a cruise. Mum hasn't mentioned the mosquitoes on the cruise - she does get bitten in the resort, so definitely take some repellent. Afterbite is good for soothing bites. Her only complaint is that they don't have slimline tonic on the boat!
  6. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    We went on one last November - was bloomin hot then. Loved it! Not exactly a relaxing holiday!
  7. I returned from a Nile cruise last week. I was pleasantly surprised - it's not my usual way of travelling - I'm usually fiercely independent. The boat we were on was lovely, much better than I expected. It wasn't full, there were about 60 on board, some who didn't leave the boat for the entire week.
    Our trip included 10 tours, we paid extra for Abu Simbel, (which was amazing!) and an afternoon travelling down the Nile from Aswan to a Nubian Village, stopping to have a quick swim in the Nile as well. (It was surprisingly cold!) We opted out of the balloon ride, but now wish we had done it.
    Due to the low number of people on the boat there was a really good atmosphere and everyone talked to everyone else - the cruise after us was only due to have 24 people on it. I think following the Revolution in January people are staying away - it had its positive side - at Abu Simbel there was only one other coach and at one point I was the only person in one of the temples - a moment I will treasure forever, however our boat also ran out of drinks - tonic and diet coke! The food, whilst plentiful got a bit samey after awhile and was very carbohydrate heavy.
    It was also very very hot. It was ok on the boat, the 'gentle' airconditioning was enough to keep you on the right side of cool and there was a fabulous breeze on deck, even when we were moored at night, but the Valley of the Kings etc must have been 50+ degrees. Drink lots of water - we drank over 30 bottles between two of us over the 8 days and do take some mosquito repellant, there were lots of bites!
    We had a great time and my bf is already planning the next trip! I agree with Paradoxicalgirly though - it's not very relaxing, lots of early mornings, to do things before the day really heats up and there was a lot of hard selling at the sites - the locals are really doing it tough due to the low number of tourists. If you can get some low value currency before you go - do. We struggled to get change for the 100E£ notes we took.
    Hope you have a fab time if you choose to go.
  8. My family and I went on a Nile Cruise during the Easter holidays and it was a resounding success, even with my sister who does not enjoy the temples and history side of things. What made it fine for all was that there was a certain amount of choice - there was a couple of days where my sister could stay behind and lounge by the pool, in the sun whilst we went off to Abu Simbel (stunning and well worth doing).
    As has been mentioned, since January the number of people holidaying over there has fallen and this meant that whilst there were still quite a few tourists there, it wasn't exactly a large number and was easily managed.
    In regards to the mosquitoes - I, personally, did not experience any bites and neither did any of my party. I didn't even wear any repellent! I did, however, wear a lot of sun lotion. As a very pale, ginger woman I had to be careful to cover up and, in the summer, it's even hotter. Our tour guide (who was Egyptian himself, an amazing host and a brilliant font of knowledge) even admitted that during August he can find it 'too hot' so I would investigate that. I'm sure there are some people who could handle it. Saying that, though, even though I do not cope well with heat, and it did get hot, I did not find it overwhelming. I've felt more uncomfortable, heatwise, in Greece. I don't know whether it was the sheer enjoyment of the country that made it manageable though!
    Anyway, I've waffled a lot. I say go, but make sure to look into the heat and investigate the cruise carefully. I went on the MS Grand Preziosa, if you want to look it up. There's a whole range of 'Grand' cruises.
  9. Also take plenty of Immodium.
  10. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    I'd leave it until Ramadan has finished.
  11. Also keep an eye on the news for dates of Mubarak's trial and the elections.
    I agree with the posters who have mentioned the heat, it can be very hot in August.

  12. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    We went to Luxor in
    September one year and went for a cruise up to Dendara, it was 50C.
  13. Sharm-El-Sheik and Luxor both in August, very hot but as another poster said, oddly managable.
    Love Egypt but wouldn't stay in Luxor again.
    Need to go one more time to see Abu Simbel.
    Would actually love to see the Pyramids again and the museum in Cairo.
    Egypt is a fabulous country.

  14. I went at Christmas nearly 2 years ago and the weather was perfect! I'd recommend On The Go Tours as a good company to travel with - we did a 13 day tour and saw all you'd want to see in Egypt! The felucca trip on the Nile was one not to be missed.... we woke up under the sails on Christmas Day.... far better than an air conditioned floating hotel [​IMG]
  15. impis

    impis New commenter

    Mr Impis and I went on a Nile cruise at Easter this year.
    It was FANTASTIC!!!
    Mr Imp [hard to please] said it was the best holiday yet.
    The Nile and surrounding land is gloriously beautiful
    The boat and crew were fab
    The temperature was tolerable at easter [Mostly in the 30s] and trips took place early morning. they got us back for lunch each day - and greeted us with hot hand towels and mint or fruit tea to ensure that we were properly hydrated. [they sent us off to the trips with complimentary bottles of water] There was also hand gel readily available from dispensers just outside the dining room. I don't know of anyone who got food poisoning.. Food was plentiful, with a large variety of things to choose from. As it was all inclusive, that included drinks.j The vodka and gin were okay, but I couldn't tell the difference between the local whiskey and brandy. [But does that really matter?]
    The people are desperately poor and will expect to be tipped for the slightest thing. They're also into hard sell in a big way . It takes a few days to get used to this. I felt bad about not buying stuff, but you just couldn't make any eye contact at all for fear of the constant harassment. However, I discovered a solution. I bought a huge bag of individually wrapped boiled sweets, and everytime someone put out their hand for something, I gave them a sweet. The little kids loved the sweets too. [and anything else you're willing to give them such as pens]
    The heat at this time of the year would make it almost impossible to enjoy - temperatures of 50 - 55 degrees C are common . The boat is air conditioned of course, but the change from cool to very hot can mess with your temperature control systems and cause upset stomachs.
    I must say, i was surprised how much I enjoyed Egypt . Part of it is because I learned about ancient egyptions when i was a child - and have even taught it as a topic in primary school - so to see it, first hand, was truly awsome.
    Go for it - you wont' regret it - but don't go now - wait til the cooler months. Christmas, or eastertime would be best.

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